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More than 126 years of experience

With companies in Germany, Sweden, Poland, Czech, Norway and Denmark, NKT has become a world leader in cable technology.

The company was founded in 1891, only 14 years after the telephone was first introduced into Denmark. Originally, the company was called Nordisk Elektrisk Ledningstråd og kabel-fabrik, but the name was changed three years later to Nordisk Kabelfabrik. The company truly began to flourish, however, when it were taken over by the limited company Nordiske Kabel og Traadfabriker.

Between 1919 and 1933, Nordiske Kabel Traadfabriker acquired three Danish companies, and their position in the European market was reinforced with the acquisition of the German company Felten & Guilleaume Kabelwerke GmbH in 1999 and the Norwegian Odin Kabel A/S. From there NKT began expanding its influence across the globe.

In the last 16 years NKT has acquired companies in Sweden, Germany, Denmark and Australia.

As the timeline shows below, one of the secret of success is our ability to keep on top of the latest changes in technology and society.

Of equal importance is our dedication to the environment. In 1960 NKT introduced the first ways to recycle cable scrap; in 1993 NKT introduced the world's first lead-free cable; in 2009 NKT introduced the first offshore windfarm in the Baltic Sea, Germany.

Our commitment to environmental issues has lead to two awards. In 1991 our recycling plant in Stenlille won the EU environmental for our innovative use of jelly in recycling cables. In 2002 NKT received an EU environmental award for the development and marketing of PVC and halogen free NOPOVIC® cables.

In 2010 we underlined our status as an environmentally friendly company with the opening of a factory in Cologne, Germany, designed to considerably reduce energy consumption.

The two recent acquisitions, Ericsson power cable operations and ABB HV Cables, both Sweden, puts NKT among the leaders in the European power transmission industry. These recent company developments has led to the change of name from nkt cables to NKT as well as a design update that reflect our Excellence 2020 strategy, value proposition and core story.


May 2017

NKT rebrand

Change of name from nkt cables to NKT and launch of new look

March 2017

ABB HV Cables

Acquisition of ABB HV Cables, Sweden, completing NKT offer with solutions within DC and offshore cablelaying


Acquisition of Ericsson power cable

operations, Sweden

Largest submarine cable in the world

Offshore cable with a diameter of 270 mm. The largest submarine cable in the world. A Turnkey project in Denmark.


Introduction of QADDY®, a unique cable drum and trolley in one.

New state-of-the-art plant

Opening the new state-of-the-art production plant in Cologne, Germany

Kablo Electro & CCC GmbH

Acquisition of Kablo Electro, Czech Republic and of CCC GmbH, Germany

Development of a superconducting cable

NKT became the first company to develop a superconducting cable

Felten & Guilleaume Kabelwerke

Acquisition of Felten & Guilleaume Kabelwerke GmbH, Germany

PVC and halogen-free cables and cords

Introduction of a completely new range of PVC and halogen-free cables and cords. The new products were developed and introduced for environmental and safety reasons.

Śląska Fabryka Kabli

Acquisition of shares of Śląska Fabryka Kabli (Poland) by nkt cables A/S (Denmark)

145 kV XLPE cables

NKT produced the world’s first cross-linked 145 kV XLPE cables


NKT develops the first methods to recycle cable scrap

First telephone cables

NKT was the first company to make telephone cables

Our foundation

The Dane Hans Peter Prior founded Nordiska Elektrisk Ledningstråd og kabelfabrik

Strategy, Vision & Purpose

Our strategy, our vision and our purpose are the cornerstones for our success


Our values describe the behaviors we display to achieve excellence

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