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Image of Linnea and Richard from Karlskrona
We are Richard and Linnea, the two trainees that started our journey at NKT in Karlskrona in September. Here at NKT in Karlskrona we produce, test and deliver high voltage cable systems enabling the transition towards renewables and green energy. NKTs global presence and large organization enables both professional and personal development. It's really exiting for a newly graduated student to be a part the large project shaping our future society.
Let us introduce ourselves!
I am Linnea, a former master’s student within electric power engineering at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. It was my interest in high voltage technology and sustainability together with the openminded culture that encourages continuous development that made me choose NKT, and I haven’t been disappointed so far.
My name is Richard, I’ve done my studies at Lund University where I have a master’s degree in electrical engineering with a specialization towards energy and electric power engineering. My fascination of large projects and the transformation towards a sustainable future perfectly aligned with NKTs visions. Add to that the close proximity to the sea, and a sea lover like me was completely sold on NKT in Karlskrona.
Our days as a trainees varies a lot as we are rotating through different departments and functions. So far we have been through the production and the testing departments.  We've already met loads of friendly colleagues and learnt a lot about NKT.
To get a firm understanding of how we produce cables, a day in the factory might start by sitting down with a production manager to talk about the flow through the factory. Together we join a meeting where investment discussions are being held for a upcoming improvement of a machine. Then we’ll go for a tour around the factory and stop to talk about intricate technical details or strategic planning. Lastly we might change into work wear and get some hands on action with the machine operators. The days in the production department involves communication and collaboration between different roles and perspectives in order to prepare for and produce a specific cable according to customer requirements. 
At the testing facility at NKT in Karlskrona both mechanical and electrical tests are performed. The purpose of the mechanical tests are to see the cables capability to withstand external forces as water pressure and bending or test the tensile strength. The electrical tests are used to see what happens to the cable during extensive loading or a lightning strike. During our time at the testing department we got the opportunity to participate in many tests and to understand how and why we are performing them. It is inspiring to be in a world leading testing facility.
Various trainings are included in parallel with the rotations in the trainee program. So far we have participated in an effective communications training, which we both found rewarding and necessary for our future careers.
We have been given the opportunity to see the organization from different perspectives and all the collaboration that is needed to deliver a cable. The first months have been filled with new experiences and new friends! We are both looking forward to the coming months as trainees and our future here at NKT.

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