The best power cable company

In 2015, we set a target to become the best power cable company in the eyes of our customers, and our people at NKT. Ambitious, but fundamental to strengthen our position in the global marketplace and pursue our purpose in a globalized and interconnected world where everything depends on power:

Our passion brings power to life

The key focus of our strategy plan, EXCELLENCE 2020, is profitability and targeted growth, but the true judges of success will be our customers and employees. 

When we are seen as a trusted long-term partner delivering life time value through world class cable solutions and accessories that meet the real-life challenges of our customers, then we will have succeeded.

When our more than 3,000 employees feel proud in their personal contribution to elevating and maintaining the company as an industry pioneer, then we will have succeeded.

As part of the strategy plan, our organisation consists of three strong business lines; Solutions, Applications and Service & Accessories supported by the global functions Operations, Technology, Finance and HR. 

However, well defined commercial targets and a strong purpose will not do the job single-handed, nor will our organisational structure. Our values serve as the foundation for everything that we do  guiding our approach and behaviour, making us who we are, making us NKT.

Our values

Our values describe the culture we strive to achieve and enable us to live our purpose as well as to achieve our vision and strategy. They describe the behaviors that will get us to excellence in the way we lead, serve our customers and engage ourselves and our colleagues/employees.

NKT Value Icons
NKT Value Icons
NKT Value Icons
Factory worker talking to office employee

About us


NKT is a global supplier with manufacturing facilities around Europe

Installation planning of high voltage dry type terminations in Tirol

About us


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