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Our values

Our values describe the culture we strive to achieve and enable us to live our purpose as well as to achieve our vision and strategy. They describe the behaviors that will get us to excellence in the way we lead, serve our customers and engage ourselves and our colleagues/employees.

Safety first

No one should come home from work less healthy than how he/she arrived. Clearly in our business those involved in installation run risks of electrical contact and exposure. However, physical risk should be minimised in everything we do whether that concerns dealing with actual currents and cables or driving our trucks or moving about our facilities. Further, people should also feel psychologically safe to express their ideas and concerns. The latter is especially important for the other values.

Have backbone, disagree and then commit

The best ideas do not come from the lone genius working in isolation. The best ideas come from debating innovative ideas constructively without worrying about ownership. The best ideas build through passionate disagreement while engaging in active listening. In the end, we commit to get behind the best and most supported idea, even if it was not our own or even our preferred idea.

Embrace and drive change

Our competitors, our clients and our suppliers are always on the move. We too commit to finding a better way every day. We commit to not only being open to these new ways but to making them a reality. And we commit to making them a reality by working together as a team. We work together as a team by engaging the right people from the start. From understanding the issues and challenges, to generating solutions to making decisions.

Be passionate and determined

We work for a company that makes great contributions to society. We bring power to life in all of its meanings. We help trains run, we light up cities, we enable sustainable energy generation to reach consumers. We also bring power to life in our teams by enabling ourselves to show our full potential. And we are determined to keep finding ever better ways to bring power to life. We proudly share these meanings with our colleagues, our suppliers, our customers and the communities in which we live.


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Must-win battles

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