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Sustainability Governance

Our sustainability roadmap, efforts and priorities are anchored in a governance structure driven by the Sustainability Steering Committee and overseen by our President & CEO and the Board of Directors. The sustainability governance ensures commitment from the entire business to connect a greener world. 

Governance structure

We recognize the importance of having clear governance to ensure the corporate integration of sustainability.  
Clear governance helps to ensure that decisions are taken at an appropriate level, that sustainability is prioritized and aligned with the business agenda and that the commitment to sustainability is addressed across the organization. 

Materiality assessment

Defining our sustainability priorities

We are regularly making a materiality assessment which enables the identification and prioritization of social and environmental issues presenting risks and opportunities for NKT and our stakeholders.   
The assessment also supports the visualization of global changes and trends and their potential effect on our business. It also helps reporting on the issues of greatest importance to relevant stakeholders.    Our interactions with stakeholders associated with sustainability related matters are done through several channels, utilizing methods such as interviews, surveys and informal dialogues. 

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