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THINKT digital

With the world’s challenges increasing in complexity constantly, innovation is one of the key components to provide sustainable solutions.

The very same holds true for the energy sector and us at NKT. Therefore, we have created an independent innovation hub – THINKT digital – to solve challenges in the energy sector and beyond.

A specialized team of professionals combines business needs, technology and insights in order to create new products, open new markets and improve efficiency as well as productivity.

Thus, THINKT digital is a catalyst to digital transformation and an important piece of the ambition of NKT to provide life-time value to customers and partners.

THINKT Digital is an innovation hub with roots in the energy sector

Our specialized team solves challenges in the energy sector & beyond.

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Digital Hub is an organic next step to accelerate synergies between NKT departments, customers and facilitate the digital transformation agenda. Digital natives are building new platforms for energy and adjacent industries.

— Oliver Schlodder, Executive Vice President

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