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    Trainee Blog 2022-2023

    Curious about life as an NKT Trainee? Where will the rotations takes place? What type of working tasks will be included? Follow our current trainees during their trainee year and get to know all about life as a trainee at NKT.

    First rotation

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    We have just finished our first rotation during which we have gained insight into different aspects of the production and testing of high voltage cables. Apart from our individual experiences we also participated in some joint activities. We have for instance learned about the crucial role quality plays in everything NKT does and attended courses about cable technology and project management. A couple of weeks ago we also had the opportunity to visit NKT Victoria, our own state of the art cable laying vessel. So far almost every day has been unique, filled with new information, impressions and meetings with many of our new colleagues. Now, let’s dive into what each of us has done during these first weeks.
    Claes: My journey started with six experience dense weeks at Laboratories, where all NKT cables are tested for extreme conditions in our test facilities. Throughout my rotation I have gotten an overview of the entire testing process, from the assembly of the test setup to the development of new, innovative procedures. Here, an impulse at hundreds of kilovolts is run through one cable segment, while in the neighbouring test hall the temperature cycling of another cable occurs in order to simulate its entire lifespan in a matter of months. I have observed electric power theory being put to practice, as well as learned about how the cables are stretched and bent in the mechanical test halls to push their structural limits. NKT also houses a lab for mechanical and chemical analysis of individual cable layers, which I enjoyed visiting. Finally, I had the fortune of exploring NKT beyond Karlskrona during a site test of the Fenno-Skan cable, which was combined with a stop at our research facility in Västerås
    Petter : These past weeks I have been in the production operation department where I have looked into the different steps of the production, from procurement of materials to loading of the finished cable. The majority of the rotation I have spent with the production managers, where I have followed the manager for each production line for one day. Usually I received an introduction of the line, followed by a walkthrough of the machines in the factory. Thereafter I joined the machine operators for a couple of hours to see how they work and learn from their knowledge of the production.
    I have also been on short visits to other parts of the department such as logistics, operational procurement, production planning and sub-project management, where I have recieved an introduction to how they work and sometimes helped them with their tasks. With each visit, a picture of the company as a whole slowly begins to take shape, how all the departments interact and work together to ensure that the cables are produced on time and according to the customer’s requirements.
    Andre: During my first rotation I had the pleasure to follow the department of Production Technology, the department has a broad scope of different functions, and each sub-department has a crucial role within their specific area to support the production in different ways. During the first weeks, I received a full review of these different functions. I also had the opportunity to conduct two-day sessions where I deep-dived into certain functions of my own choice based on my interests. I found maintenance, automation, and quality very interesting to gain further knowledge about.
    In parallel with the different department introductions, I was introduced to a pre-study. I received a smaller project limited to this pre-study. The project was a great match based on my previous experiences and educational background. It was three intense weeks but very instructive weeks. I gained a broad scope of touch points and collaborated with various departments e.g., Logistics, Planning, Production Technology, and Procurement to solve the task. I conducted different brainstorming sessions jointly with several departments and sub-departments. As a result of these sessions I constructed a smaller simulation over the investigated area to round up my part of the pre-study. It was a great experience, in some sense abstract but still very hands-on. Looking forward to next rotation!

    Introduction of the new trainees

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    So, who are these new trainees? You will get to know them better during the following year, but here is a brief introduction.
    My name is Claes and I grew up in the town of Skövde, situated between the two great lakes Vänern and Vättern. Early on I fostered a keen interest in energy production and sustainability questions. This led me to Stockholm and the civil engineering program of Energy and Environmental Technology at KTH, where I specialized in Electric Power Engineering. The way the people at NKT use advanced problem solving with focus on high quality and sustainability to improve power grid integration resonates with me greatly. This in combination with their grasp of everything from research and testing to production and installation of cables made the trainee program the perfect place to start my career, and I hope to learn as much as possible about the entire supply chain.
    My Name is André, I grew up on a small farm outside Växjö in the region of Småland. My interest in sustainability, logistics and value chain flows influenced my path of education and I landed within Industrial Engineering and Management. I continued with a master degree in Quality- and Operation Management at Chalmers Technical University and was influenced by the importance of the quality aspect of services and products to meet customers’ requirements in a dynamic- and sustainable way. Therefore, NKT was as natural choice of employer due to the location of the site and their role to meet the high need of green transformation in fast paced changing world towards sustainable infrastructure technology.
    My name is Petter and I grew up on the countryside just outside Lysekil, a small city on the beautiful Swedish west coast. My choice of career was heavily influenced by my passion for nature and outdoor life, I want to help preserve this amazing world we all share. That, in combination with a great interest in technology and science, made me study to become a civil engineer in energy and environmental technology at Karlstad university, from which I recently graduated. NKT caught my attention as a company with the potential to make a significant contribution towards a sustainable future by providing solutions for transferring renewable energy, one of the major challenges in creating a sustainable society. Combined with the strive to always advance the technology it was an obvious choice for me to apply to the trainee program.

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