Go Green Score

Today, sustainability and environmental compatibility are essential criteria in the area of energy provision.  This applies not only to energy generation, but also to the energy supply via the grid.
The NKT Go Green Score is a unique approach that allows customers to objectively assess and compare the sustainability of high voltage cable projects. Additionally, the Go Green measurement also takes the total costs of a project into account. Thus, we can provide a meaningful tool to evaluate cable system solutions in order to generate maximum value for our customers.

How does Go Green work?

In a nutshell, the Go Green Score condenses a wide variety of different parameters into one single numeric score, that enables quick comparison of cable solutions.

The parameters include for example CO2 emissions, contribution to acid rain and smog, water consumption, land use as well as traffic obstruction and electromagnetic fields.
The parameters are reviewed across the entire life-cycle of the cables system, using a life-cycle-analysis (LCA) approach.

In addition to the Go Green score, we also add a holistic view on costs to the equation. In doing so, we assess the entire cost of a project over its entire life time using the total cost of ownership (TCO) approach.

How objective is the Go Green Score?

The method used to calculate the Go Green score is certified by DEKRA. With more than 35,000 employees at the time of writing, DEKRA is the largest technical inspection company in Germany. It counts among the world’s leading technical inspection authorities. Thus, we can ensure accurate and objective measurements, that are based on neutral and independent figures you can trust.

How we create value?

Every project is different. Yet the promise we make is always the same: Go Green is an outstanding, intelligent and sustainable cable solution that is tailored to meet your specific needs.

A Go Green solution by NKT will enable you to use resources as efficiently as possible while avoiding unnecessary strain on the environment, your budget and your company. This is achieved not only by reducing CO2 and electromagnetic emissions to the fullest possible extent but also by optimizing risk management, reducing excavation and minimizing the extent to which the population is inconvenienced by installation work.

The TCO of a Go Green solution is also significantly less than that of a conventional solution. As well as securing the success of your project, this combination of economic and ecological benefits explains the superiority of every Go Green solution.

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