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We have a clear vision: By driving excellence we will be the best power cable company by 2020 in the eyes of our customers and our people. To make that happen we need to drive excellence in everything we do. 

EXCELLENCE 2020 is our strategy plan to bring us to next level of excellence in terms of customer satisfaction, employee engagement and financial strength.

EXCELLENCE 2020 was launched in 2015 as a natural step after our cost reduction program DRIVE initiated in 2013. The key focus of EXCELLENCE 2020 is profitability and targeted growth.

The NKT Power House

EXCELLENCE 2020 is the roadmap leading to the transformation of NKT and consists of several elements and initiatives. We call it the NKT Power House.

The NKT Power House drives us towards excellence with our Purpose as the foundation and the vision as the roof. The first floor is our Values being part of the foundation. The second and third floor is where we make things happened with our Must-win battles and Segment initiatives.

Everything we do is connected to the NKT Power House and our journey towards excellence.

Vision: The direction of our company

Segment initiatives: The strategic projects driving our business

Must-win battles: The cross-organizational battles we must win to succeed

Values: Guide our behavior and are the foundation for everything we do

Purpose: The core of the NKT identity – our reason for being

Strategic targets

To follow the success and progress of our vision to become the best cable company in the eyes of customers and our people we have three strategic targets to guide us: 

Become our customers preferred choice

We strive to become the preferred brand of our customers and partners based on offering our valued and extensive expertise, as well as high-quality products by working to deliver complete solutions and collaborating with our customers as much as possible. We use the Net Promotor Score (NPS) to measure our customer satisfaction with a target of 50% or more by 2020. 

Have the most engaged employees in the industry

We want to be among the best companies in our industry measured by employee engagement. We have a target of an Employee Engagement Index above 80% in 2020 which is significantly higher than industry average of ~60%.

Improve our financial strength

It is vital that we develop our long-term financial results to retain our position as an industry leader, and builds on constant profitability improvements since 2013. We have target of reaching a Return on Capital Employed (RoCE) of 13% or more by 2020.



See our clear and ambitious vision guiding us towards excellence.



Our values describe the behaviors we display to achieve excellence.

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