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With NKT Cable Service, you are always prepared for the unexpected

Whether onshore or offshore, every minute counts when it comes to power cable failure. Getting the cable up and running again quickly is crucial, as any downtime caused by external cable failure or other damage to your grid infrastructure harbours a number of risks, especially economic ones. Costs in terms of revenue losses, penalties and fines may run into millions.

Expect the unexpected, be prepared for the unforeseen – with NKT Cable Service, you and your company are always on the safe side. Our promptness, reliability and readiness for action, as well as our extensive experience, make all the difference when it comes to minimising your network downtimes and reducing overall expenditure. We have our reliable and experienced personnel always on standby, ready to assist you not just at the time of emergency repairs but also in repair preparedness, regular maintenance or spare parts management.

Your advantages with an NKT service level agreement:

  • We provide support for the entire service life of your cable system and work in close cooperation with you
  • You benefit from our in-house expertise in all matters regarding cable and cable accessory technologies
  • With an NKT service level agreement, you can reduce downtimes by 30–60 days and thus save up to 70%* of overall costs

* The market average repair time is 107 days (Source: Cigre statistics)

Flexible solutions for unforeseen challenges: our service portfolio

As one of the world's leading suppliers of power cable solutions, we can offer a broad spectrum of both onshore and offshore cable service products that is unique on the market. We also provide a variety of service packages customised to suit your specific requirements, thus ensuring maximum utilisation of your cable system throughout its service life and allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

A service level agreement, or SLA, entitles you to our complete range of services. The scope of our service types is designed extremely flexibly so that they can be specifically adapted to your needs and appropriately utilised whenever required. 

Onshore Cable Service

Onshore services

To ensure failure-free operation of your onshore cable system, we offer you comprehensive services based on our expertise: from old cable technologies, such as gas pressure and oil-filled cables, right up to the latest network cable solutions for high and extra high voltage applications. We are thus able to detect possible damage early and minimise any revenue losses to your company.

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Offshore Cable Service

Offshore services

Our offshore service combines seven systematic core competencies that make sure your cable system returns to normal operation quickly and safely. These include not only supplying and mobilising cable repair vessels but also providing our sound expertise in all types of cables, of any age. Our cable repair track record in the offshore segment speaks for itself.

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NKT: Find out what makes our company special

Our focus as a "one-stop shop" is what sets us apart. NKT offers all services related to cables from a single source – also after completion of your cable project. Watch our video to see in detail how you can benefit from our services.

Insights & Success stories

Many people think: "What could possibly go wrong?"

It is extremely risky to take the cable operation business lightly. Some operators may get by without trouble, while others may not be so fortunate. Repair operations can become extremely costly if a cable failure lasts for weeks or months.

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Repairing the HVDC Cross-Skagerrak 2 (Norway – Denmark)

In the summer of 2017, one of the cables, the HVDC Cross-Skagerrak 2, was damaged due to external impact. The offshore mission had to be carried out as quickly as possible to reduce downtime to a minimum.

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Failure of a high-voltage cable is bad enough

Disagreements between external parties such as vessel operators, cable-laying companies and administrative authorities during an already expensive cable failure should be avoided at all costs.

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Are you prepared for a power cable failure?

Access to the right documentation can help cable operators dramatically reduce costly downtime in case of a cable failure.

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