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NKT is a global company with manufacturing facilities in Europe which enable us to design, manufacture and market our high quality products as well as push the boundaries of technological innovation in our field. Our manufacturing plants are among the most modern, flexible and cost-effective in the world, and we invest heavily in our manufacturing facilities to keep them at the highest technological level. Our state-of-the-art facility in Cologne, Germany is a unique example with specialized technical innovations which have been integrated into the factory to make the production as efficient as possible.

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Czech Republic

Our two sites here include the oldest cable plant in Europe. Today, our locations in the Czech Republic include some of the most high-tech plants in the industry.


In Denmark, we produce building wires, 1 kV and medium voltage cables up to 72 kV. We also have a large part of our installation team and our recycling plant here. 


In Germany we do have multiple sites, including our state of the art f2c factory for high voltage cables, as well as plants for MV accessories and Railway products. 


Our branch specialising in low-voltage cables, 1 kV cables, installation and complete solutions for customers.


Our facilities in Poland focus on producing installation and low-voltage cables, with a recently constructed new plant building in Warszowice in 2009.


Our three plants in Sweden focuse on production of building wires, 1kV, MV and HV cables, accessories and cables for the telecommunications industry.

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Our long history has shaped our current positioning and provides us with important experience.

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