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The Cable Service of NKT exist to manage clients’ existing onshore or offshore cable system infrastructures. We are, fundamentally, an installation/contractor organisation, but our services are not limited only to this. We are also an established manufacturing cable company with its own research and development department, and through our extensive experience and resources, we have an ongoing objective to achieve continuous improvements to our company. This principle extends to our Cable Service, without exception.

For us, Cable Service is far more than merely a method of generating extra income for ourselves. It is a living embodiment of our fundamental principle of achieving excellence in supporting customers on critical assets. In order to fulfill this ambition, we have a fully dedicated organisation that is subject to the quality control checks of our R&D department.

Some notable facts about our Cable Service organisation:

• We have a proven historical record of expertise and excellence. Cable Service is not a new practice to us; we have a successful track record that extends back over more than 50 years!

• We have a team of experienced, highly-skilled field engineers numbering more than 80 in total. These engineers are ready to be deployed quickly, with a flexible and diverse approach, as required.

• We have a handpicked selection of partner service providers, enabling us to offer a comprehensive set of services whilst remaining the single point of contact for our customers.

What our Cable Service can guarantee for you:

• A single point of contact for all services

• 24/7, 365 days a year cable service, without exception

• Experience and skill across the board

• A flawless safety record

• Consistent standards of excellence, with the ongoing goal of improvement

We pride ourselves on our ethic of achieving excellence at every level of our company. Our Cable Service is all about providing security and confidence for our customers, and so fulfilling that ethic is never more important than in this task. We will work diligently with our own workforce, and those of our partners, to provide you with the security and comfort of knowing your cable system infrastructures are in good hands.

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