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Jicable 2023, Lyon, France

Jun 18, 2023 - Jun 22, 2023

Logo for Jicable
Jicable is the leading international forum for the exchange of information in the fields of research, industrial development, installation, operation and diagnosis relating to insulated power cables and their accessories, from Low Voltage and special cables to Ultra High Voltage cable links and new technologies.
Come to Jicable'23 in Lyon to listen to our experts presenting their technical papers and visit our booth (no. 44) at the exhibition space.
Here is a list of the technical papers being presented: 
  • Development and testing of the 110 kV SuperLink system (Main author: D. Willen)
  • Low Loss Conductors for (Extra) High Voltage Application. (Main author: D Willen)
  • 220kV AC Cable System in Hornsea 2 Offshore Wind Farm (Main author: O Lind)
  • Water migration into polymeric insulation of power cables. (Author resp: A Hoang)
  • A test circuit for long transient over voltage test on DC cables: Sensitivity and Capabilities. (Main author: S Kumara)
  • Curvature sensor in dynamic cable for monitoring of dynamic cables. (Main author: V. Ryden)
  • Thermal rating of Dynamic 3-core AC cables. (O. Thyrvin)
  • Impact of mechanical stress on electrical properties of XLPE for DC applications. (Main author: A. Abbasi)
  • Electric field impact on cavity deformation and dynamics in MI insulation. (Main author: M. Unge)
  • Modelling and simulation for offshore laying of a trefoil submarine cable bundle. Main author: D. Tjahjanto)
  • Electrothermal FEM simulation of relevant test conditions of a 525 kV HVDC cable joint including nonlinear field grading material. (Author resp: R. Hussain)
  • Electrostatic field simulations and shelf-life study on 145 kV cold shrinkable cable joint. (Main author: L. Chen)
  • Development of a 145kV dry type plug-in GIS cable termination with standardized geometrical contour and connection interface. (Main author: L. Chen)
  • Development of a new compact dry type plug-in outdoor cable termination with standardized plug contour according to CIGRÉ TB 784. (Main author: M. Fayzullin)
Find the whole conference program here.
Read more about the event here

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