Power to the Big Apple

In 2011 NKT completed a cable system solution for the Bayonne Energy Center near the New York Harbor. The Bayonne Energy Center is a high-efficiency gas fired power plant in Bayonne, New Jersey, owned by the energy company Hess Corporation and the investment firm ArcLight Capital Partners. Built on an old industrial site on the shore of New York Harbor, it is strategically located close to Staten Island, Brooklyn and Manhattan. It generates 512 MW of electricity. Before reaching the city’s power transmission network, the power is fed to Con Edison’s 345 kV Gowanus substation in Brooklyn via a submarine cable system which crosses New York Harbor south of Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. 

New York is a busy sea port with freighters, cruise ships, ferries and tourist boats anchoring or operating. Due to concerns about future maintenance, dredging and the risk of anchor damage, state and federal agencies required cables to be buried at a depth of 15 feet (4.6 m) in the bottom sediments. 

The world´s first three 345 kV AC single-core submarine XLPE cables were installed with approximately 33 ft. (10 m) separation across New York Harbor. It also includes 345 kV AC single-core underground XLPE cables installed in traditional duct-banks. They run for 2,600 ft. (792 m) on the Bayonne side and 900 ft. (274 m) on the Brooklyn side. 

We successfully completed field testing in November 2011 and the cable system was energized in December 2011. From 2012, it offers the Big Apple a truly stable power supply.

Design and engineering of 3x6.5 mile (3x10.4 km) submarine XLPE cable as well as 3x2,600 ft. (3x792 m) and 3x900 ft. (3x274 m) underground XLPE cable

7.12 miles (11.46 km)

345 kV AC cable system with a 602 MVA power rating

2009 - 2011

Bayonne Energy Center

New York Harbour, US



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