Power-from-shore to Goliat

The Goliat oil and gas field, 105 km off the Northern coast of Norway, was discovered in 2000 and is operated by Eni Norge. The production of oil and gas from a FPSO (floating, production, storage and offloading) platform started in 2016.

The platform is electrified with power-from-shore. This enables Eni Norge to use renewable hydro power from the Norwegian power grid and to cut the platform’s CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions by half. 

The NKT high-voltage cable system connects the Goliat platform to the onshore power grid via a three-core static AC cable that runs 105 km along the seabed. A 1,5 km long dynamic AC cable connects the platform to the static AC cable, 350 meters below the surface.

We extend technical boundaries with this dynamic AC power-from-shore cable system. The 75 MW rating of the cable allows for an increase in energy supply if Eni Norge one day would want to power additional fields from the same system. The dynamic cable section, which weighs 90 kg per meter and hangs in the water between the platform and the seabed, withstands severe mechanical stress from currents, waves and the continuous movement of the platform.

Turnkey power-from-shore dynamic AC cable system, including 105 km of static 3-core submarine XLPE cable and 1.5 km of dynamic 3-core submarine XLPE cable

106,5 km

123 kV AC cable system with a 75 MW power rating

2010 - 2015

Eni Norge

Barents Sea, Norway



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