LPOF - Low Pressure Oil Filled Cable system

More than 90 years of experience

We offer a full range of accessories for LPOF cables up to 170 kV. Even today, in close cooperation with our customers, we are developing customised LPOF solutions for repairs or for use as a transition joint for a new XLPE cable.

Cable workers repairing high-voltage cable

Especially for the transition technology, the goal is cost-efficient and fast installation in order to maintain the existing oil-filled cable system.

Some of the advantages using NKT LPOF-solutions:

  • Contemporary and advanced products for the fastest and easiest installation

  • Simple, cost-effective storage due to overlapping cable cross-sections and cable types

  • Extensive expertise with years of experience in the condition of oil cable systems

NKT – A Reliable Expert

LPOF cables and gas pressure cables are used for the transmission of electrical power over several decades. Thanks to our extensive experience and world-wide installations, we are a reliable expert when it comes to service, maintenance or transition to XLPE-insulated cables. We have a high level of expertise for service, maintenance, repair and reconstruction as well as dismantling and disposal of oil-filled cable systems:

  • Expertise on the condition of oil-cable systems
  • Tests and preventive measures
  • Condition of insulating oil
  • Filling factor
  • Gas-in-oil analysis
  • Pressure volume tests on tanks
  • High voltage test
  • Localisation of leaks
  • Repair of leaks
  • Disposal of dismantled materials in accordance with local regulations
  • Flushing of oil cables in the case of poor oil quality

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Christian Kretzschmar

Key Account Manager LPOF Cable Accessories

Cable workers repairing high-voltage cable

Further products

High Voltage Joints

NKT offers a complete range up to 550 kV of one-piece and three-piece joint types suitable for straight-bonded and cross-bonded applications for XLPE and EPR cables.

High Voltage Terminations

NKT feature a complete range of dry and oil-filled outdoor, GIS and transformer terminations. Outdoor insulators made of porcelain or composite type, as well as complete dry-type termination.

Cable workers installing a termination

Products & Solutions

High Voltage Cable Accessories

We manufacture and market high-quality cables, accessories and solutions.

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