Medium Voltage Joints

Easy to assemble and safe to operate

Our cold shrink joints technology can offer almost any tailor-made solution and provides noticeable cost benefits.

Joint installation MVACC

The range of cross-sections for the joint allows a reduction in the storage cost and faster network availability. With on-site installation, the patented spiral support body permits uncomplicated, safe and reliable assembly. In addition to the JC joint, you have access to a large range of cold-applied technology products.

Your benefits:

  • Saving costs by reducing storage through the flexible range technology
  • Quick and convenient installation through easy removal of the patented spiral support
  • Fast network availability after installation
  • No need for special tools
  • Pre-moulded joint body with integrated geometric field control elements
  • Independent from system frequency
  • Insensitive to high-frequency voltages (harmonic content)

NKT Installation Cold-Shrink Joint

In this video, we will show the easiness of installing NKT’s cold-shrink straight joint:

Joint installation MVACC

Perfect Configuration with Appropriate Components

All components of the cold shrink joints are designed for simple and safe installation. The silicone pre-moulded joint body with integrated geometrical field control elements exerts a uniform and constant pressure on the connection element. The peeled cable and hence ensures long-term operational availability. 

The advantages of these flexible materials are combined with a mechanically robust heat-shrink outer jacket. When joining cables with aluminium foil for radial water tightness a diffusion seal is used under the heat-shrink outer jacket.

Medium Voltage Cable Connectors

Cable connectors for bushings type A and B, known as “250 A” or “400 A”. These are used to connect the cables with transformers or SF6 switchgear.

Medium Voltage Terminations

Terminations for medium voltage cables are essential for connecting the cables to air-insulated switchgear, transformers, overhead lines or busbars.

Medium Voltage Cable Branch Cabinet

We offer clever and organised solutions through our sturdy and purpose-oriented cable branch cabinets. Our enclosures naturally meet the requirements of mechanical impact tests per IEC 60439-5.

Medium Voltage PILC

NKT MV cable accessories for enabling connection and joining of old type paper-insulated lead sheath cables (PILC). Most common application is the transition joint between paper cable and XPLE cable.

Medium Voltage Pre-Assembled Cable Links

NKT pre-assembled connection cables simplify assembly and commissioning of medium voltage compact stations, switchgear, transformers, generators and motors.

Medium Voltage Cables

The NKT medium voltage category features medium voltage cables, universal cables, dynamic cables, designed to interact and deliver the greatest possible value for the network owner.

Aerial photo of cable installation site

Products & Solutions

Medium Voltage Cable Accessories

NKT MV cable accessories up to 42 kV - safe solutions with reliable functions.

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