Medium Voltage Cable Branch Cabinet

Powerful solutions for branching and connections

Installer standing in front of a cable branching cabinet

We offer clever and organised solutions through our sturdy and purpose-oriented cable branch cabinets. Our enclosures naturally meet the requirements of mechanical impact tests per IEC 60439-5.

For joining or branching of XLPE or EPR insulated, 12–36 kV 1-core or 3-core cables with conductor cross-sections 25–630 mm2, 630 A. Up to four cables can be connected in parallel.

When branching in a cable grid, a branching point may be required to allow selected cable runs to be sectionalised during maintenance. With HDC-A, a solution is provided to make this possible.


  • The cable cabinet meets the requirements for mechanical impact testing per IEC 60439-5

  • The cable connectors meet the electrical requirements per CENELEC, HD 629.1 S2


The enclosure is made of hot-dip-galvanised sheet steel plates with a foundation base plate and additional corrosion protection on parts that will be buried underground. The screened, separable cable connectors are connected with coupling pieces pre-mounted in the cabinet.

The cable cabinet is supplied with:

  • Six screened separable connectors
  • Locks and padlock shackle

Required when connecting more cables:

  • Six screened separable cable connectors type CSE-A
  • Parallel coupling piece type PC  
Installer measuring current within cable branch cabinet

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