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JC-CC Cold Shrink Joint

Our compact cold-shrink joint JC-CC for XLPE cables is state of the art. It uses flexible silicone rubber which is placed onto a spiral and comes with pre-assembled components. During installation, the spiral core just needs to be pulled out and the flexible silicone rubber will then shrink automatically, thus making the installation easy, fast and safe.

Our JC-CC is characterized by

  • A patended easily removable spiral, free from sharp edges, which allows for an easy and safe installation
  • The use of geometric field control elements which make the joint independent from frequencies and increase the reliability
  • A 3-year shelf life without the loss of functionality
BritNed repair service
BritNed repair service
BritNed repair

NKT Installation Cold-Shrink Joint

In this video, we will show the easiness of installing NKT’s cold-shrink straight joint:

Our range of compact cold-shrink joints

The JC-CC compact cold-shrink joint comes in different sizes and enables the connection of cables with different cross-sections. For 24 kV cables, the joint serves cross-sections between 16 mm² and 300 mm². For cables up to 42 kV, the joint can be used for cross-sections between 95 mm² and 1000 mm².

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