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High-voltage cable systems are an important part of today’s infrastructure, transmitting power from remote places of generation to the populated areas of consumption. In cases of power cable downtime, every minute counts. Getting the cable up and running again quickly is absolutely vital for cable operators. Any downtime due to, for example, a cable breach may cost the operator millions in the form of loss of income, fines and penalties.

NKT has a long tradition of around 80 years of supporting  our customers with cable service for all major cable technologies. We have transformed our experience into execution excellence, reducing the time for restoring offshore links by more than 70% compared to the market average. By having the right preparedness, key cable knowledge and cable service resources, NKT can help cable operators save up to 70% of the outage cost due to cable downtime.

The following pages will give you more information about the importance of cable service and what we can offer. 

Every minute counts

Are you prepared for a cable breakdown? An in-depth look at the reality of cable service.

Offshore Cable Service

Our products and service agreement for offshore cable systems.

Onshore Cable Service

Our products and service agreement for onshore cable systems.


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Skagerrak 2 cable repair

The Skagerrak 2 interconnector was damaged due to external impact. Learn more about how it was restored to operation.

NKT Insight

NKT has cable service experience dating back to the 1940s. Learn more from our experts.

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