Getting ready for the new standard

What does this mean to me as a:


In order to guarantee that the product features match the declared performance, the manufacturer producing the cables in accordance with the new standard is required to make use of an independent body for testing and factory inspections. The product may only be CE-marked once the test has been approved and the Declaration of Performance has been drawn up. All NKT packaging covered by the CPR will be labelled with the CPR fire class in addition to the CE marking.


Clients, e.g. construction engineers, architects and designers, must be familiar with the new standard: what it involves, which products it covers and how to choose the correct cable for the relevant building class.


Wholesalers must be familiar with the new standard, what it involves, which products are covered and have the correct range in stock. The wholesaler will be deemed a manufacturer in cases where they are the first to launch non-European products on the market (see information for manufacturers above).


Contractors must be aware of the change and choose the correct cables based on specifications, drawings, or similar documentation. The cables will not change in terms of appearance and name. What is important is to check whether the cable is CE marked and in the correct fire class. Complete information about the cable’s fire performance can be found in the declaration of performance (DoP) on the manufacturer’s website.
All NKT cable packaging will be labelled with a CE marking and CPR class.

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