Cables and the CPR

Modern buildings have a large quantity of cables installed in their ceilings and walls. It is therefore natural that cables should also be included in the group of construction products covered by the CPR.

Common classification of fire properties

Because the fire properties of construction products are important for fire safety, we now have common EU regulations for fire classification and test methods for cables used in buildings. The new EN50575 standard covers power, telecommunications, and signal cables for construction works.

Mandatory CE marking

CE marking will be mandatory for the cables covered by the standard. No later than on 1 July 2017, the new CE marking will appear on packaging and any national standards that conflict with the new standard will cease to apply.The transition to the new common standard and mandatory CE marking will take place during the period 1 July 2016 – 1 July 2017.

Requirements for CE marking

For manufacturers to be permitted to CE-mark their products, the CPR specifies as an important requirement that they must draw up a Declaration of Performance (DoP). By drawing up a DoP, the manufacturer guarantees that the product meets the requirements specified in the standard. The manufacturer must produce a DoP for each construction product.

Declaration of performance (DoP)

The Declaration of Performance (DoP) outlines the performance of the product’s most important properties. The properties are assessed and described in a uniform European way. This allows people to compare products, no matter where they were manufactured. The DoP also includes information about the product’s application, manufacturer, and whether any third party was involved in production control.  The product is therefore only approved for CE marking after it has been tested and has a valid DoP, allowing the manufacturer to guarantee that the product meets the specified standard.

Transition period

During the transition period for the new standard (20 June 2016 – 1 July 2017), cables that have been tested in accordance with both the new and former standard may be distributed. After this period, the new standard will become mandatory.

Preparing for a new standard

How can I see?

All NKT packaging covered by the CPR will be labelled with the CPR fire class

New fire classes

The former fire classes for cables will be replaced by the new classifications


CPR is an acronym for the European Construction Product Regulation (CPR).

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