Qable box - keeping cable work easy

Qable box is easy to stabilise, helps you to keep track of your inventory, and provides a good overview of your products in your car. Qable box makes your life easier because it makes handling cables and wires quick and easy. The wires are wound in parallel in the qable Box, which means they are easy to pull in pipes, making life easier if you are working on your own. There is also a meter marking, which makes measuring the wires very simple. The box keeps cables clean and neat, so there is no need for unwiring or to throw away dirty or scratched cable lengths. If you use the Qable Box, less waste means lower costs.

Convenient storage
Qable box provides convenient storage in your car and your storage since the boxes are easy and simple to stable and thus provides a good overview.

Clean & neat cables
All wires are always clean and neat. No need for unwiring and throw away dirty or scratched cable lengths.

Less waste
Creates less waste.

Easy & efficient work
Qable box helps you to get things done more easily and efficiently.

Products for construction

Check out our low voltage building wires that are suitable for our unique packaging options.

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