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Trainee Blog Rotation 6

Rotation 6:

Jakob: Welcome back to the Trainee blog, for this rotation I have been away from Karlskrona and visiting our Technology Consulting (TC) business in Västerås.
Technology consulting provides support and expertise in three different areas
  1. Chemical & material knowledge
  2. Applied mechanics
  3. Electrical testing
Due to my mechanical engineering background, I spent my weeks in the applied mechanics department. Here I got the opportunity to work with a project regarding strain measurements techniques for fatigue life of our dynamic cables. It was a fun project, including testing and processing data. It was also really fun to meet my colleges in Västerås and spend some time in the city. I think it is a nice opportunity that we have at NKT, to be able to work in different places both in Sweden but also globally.
During this rotation, we (NKT Trainees) hosted a visit of our factory in Karlskrona for the National Trainee Network (NTN). Giving an insight into our business through a guided factory tour and presentations about our company.
Trainee Blog Rotation 6
Fritjof: It feels like just yesterday that I sat down to write the last blog post, but it has been six weeks, and we are now finished with our sixth rotation out of seven before heading out on our site visits.
In this rotation, I have been working within the Project Execution department. Like Louise and Isak, I was involved with the Suedlink project (the German corridor project) and followed the project manager. I supported their daily work as project managers and participated in various meetings. I also had close contact with different support functions for the project, such as Quality, Finance, HSE, Engineering, Planning, and Production, and learned how they all collaborate to ensure everything runs smoothly and produces a high-quality product.
During this rotation, I also had the opportunity to assist with managing some testing for a special project under the scope of the Suedlink project. Managing that was challenging, but I learned a lot from it!
This rotation provided an excellent wrap-up, demonstrating how we work with our projects at NKT. In previous rotations, I saw the cable come to life through different stages, from testing and production to installation. Now, Project Execution tied it all together, allowing me to see the big picture and understand how we manage projects. Lastly, I was part of an audit with a customer, which had some valuable learning outcomes, and I am very happy to have been part of it.
Next, I will move to the C&T (Commercial and Tender) department, which will truly complete the circle in understanding how we work with our Turnkey solutions!
Trainee Blog Rotation 6
Louise: Having completed our 6th rotation means that we’re getting closer and closer to the end of our trainee year. I spend this rotation with our C&T department, commercial and tender, and got to follow along in a tender we are working on.
It is an interesting process where you basically create a mini-version of a cable solution in order to tender it to a client. It requires a tight communication and collaboration between most departments within NKT in order to ensure we have included all aspects of the initial design, production, and installation. It felt completely new yet strangely familiar since my previous rotations have taken me to many of the departments involved in creating the tender, only that I’ve never looked at the questions from a tendering perspective!
We ended this rotation with a personal development module where we learned about different ways to approach communication, how we can think about our goals, and got to do a workshop called path finder. It was great to get some tools on how to think about our future and it gave us some insights into how we can move forward. We discussed with some colleagues how they planned (or maybe didn’t plan) their careers, and it’s always comforting to hear that it can turn out great no matter which path you choose!
Thorben: Another exciting few weeks have passed in which I have learned a lot about how the company works. My rotation was split up again. I spent the first half in the Engineering department and the second half in Research and Development.
Engineering is responsible for designing the cable systems. As part of our product portfolio, we not only sell individual cables, but also entire cable systems. In addition to the cable, a cable system also includes accessories such as terminations and joints. These must be harmonized with each other. This requires complex simulations and calculations to be carried out based on the standards and customers' requirements. It was exciting to be able to accompany this project work and learn more about the components of a cable system.
In contrast, I learned a lot about the further development of our cables in the Research and Development department. The department not only tries to use new materials, also develops new cable designs and qualifies them. In addition to conventional cables, NKT is part of the SuperLink project with a superconducting cable. This project has given me a deep insight and in my opinion, it is great that NKT wants to position itself broadly and is researching new cable technologies.
Isak: The sixth rotation is nearly over, and it's surprising to think we only have one more rotation before traveling for our abroad assignments.
During this rotation, I've been part of the Installation department, where our primary focus has been ensuring accurate cable installation. This process encompasses everything from tendering and creating installation strategies to conducting burial assessment studies and selecting tools. It also includes pre-cable lay tasks such as route engineering, soil investigation, and route clearance. We then proceed with laying the cable, managing all associated tasks, and performing post-lay activities. Once the installation is complete, the Service department takes over for cable repair and maintenance.
During this rotation, I was tasked with gathering and consolidating all the experiences and knowledge from the Installation department regarding cable installations using winches. My responsibilities included collecting insights on selecting the appropriate winch, wire, and rigging (such as the type of swivel) for specific purposes. This involved acquiring knowledge from machine suppliers, learning from past experiences, and consulting other sources of expertise.
In addition to the installation project, I continued working on a project from one of my previous rotations, focusing on project execution. As this project moves forward toward a solution, it is now entering the final stages of testing. Unfortunately, I will leave the project as I transition to my new rotation next week, passing the baton just before the finish line.
My next rotation is with the Engineering department and is only four weeks long, which will be quite intense. Until next time!
Trainee Blog 5

Rotation 5:

Fritjof: The fifth rotation is coming to an end, and I can’t believe that we only have two more rotations left before we move to some of our different sites.
This rotation, I have been working in the Installation department. The main focus of the installation department, as the name suggests, is to ensure that cable installation is done correctly. This includes everything from tendering, devising installation strategies, conducting burial assessment studies and tool selection, moving into pre-cable lay works including route engineering, soil investigation, and route clearance. Then, carrying out the cable laying and managing all associated tasks, followed by post-cable lay activities. Lastly, when the installation is completed, the service department takes over to conduct repair and service works on the cable.
Aside from getting to know the department and its functions, I had my own small project. The project aimed to determine the most optimal method for measuring the depth of burial using tone injection and measuring the resulting magnetic field. This project taught me a lot, and I had the opportunity to meet and discuss with numerous experts in the field, drawing conclusions from all the gathered information. I also reached out to some of our subcontractors to learn from their experiences, thereby expanding my professional network both internally and externally.
During my rotation, we also had the pleasure of hosting a visit from two students, Fabian and Melker, who were completing their high school project in collaboration with NKT. The students had designed and built their own ROV (remotely operated vehicle)! During the visit, two teachers from BTH were also present, as they had assisted the students in their project. We conducted tests on the body of their ROV, assessing how much pressure it could withstand before breaking down. The test results were more than satisfactory for both the students, teachers, and NKT.
Fabian and Melker, with their ROV, have reached the finals of "Unga forskare," which will be decided in April. I wish them all the best of luck in the final, and it was a pleasure meeting these young, intelligent students. Hopefully, we will cross paths again in the future as colleagues!
Trainee Blog 5
Isak: Another rotation is coming to an end, signalling the arrival of a fresh blog post.
For the last couple of weeks, I have spent my time at the C&T department, where I discovered that my views, or prejudices, about the department and what they do in general was quite off. This meant that my original perspective changed other the rotation period and I went from thinking that C&T probably isn’t a department I personally would like to work in, to the opposite. So, what made me change my mind?
During the rotation, I was tasked with a fascinating project, a simulated tender, which involved navigating through all the different steps in a tender, such as conducting a price and market analysis to finally presenting in a so-called price meeting. This task or project served as an invaluable crash course for the entire department, and along with some educational meetings, covering the key aspects, though not everything. Moreover, I had the opportunity to observe and listening in on ongoing tenders, which further aided my own progress with the simulated tender.
In parallel with the tender at C&T, I also continued working on the project from the previous rotation, project execution.  As the project moves forward towards a solution, I will move to my next rotation in the Installation department.
Until next time!
Isak Olofsson
Trainee Blog 5
Louise: Time waits for no man or woman, especially not when you have your days filled with activities. My latest rotation brought me to project execution and the SüdLink project. It’s a project where we’re producing and delivering approximately 750 km cable for a link connecting the northern and southern part of Germany.
Following the project managers gave me insight into the range of competence needed to oversee all aspects of cable production and delivery. I’ve tagged along in different kinds of meetings to get an overview of the functions that cooperate in delivering the best possible product. The fun part is that no matter how much you work with the broader picture, there is always something specific you need to learn about to keep the project moving forward.  I thought it was incredibly interesting to hear them share experiences from previous projects since there are so many things you need to consider when producing and laying cable.
Given the relatively short time we spend in each department, it is challenging to find tasks that can be finished in the allotted time, but my project manager did a great job at finding some for me! I was assigned a few smaller tasks, and even if the work itself was fun, it was a fantastic way to realise what a network we’ve built throughout these months. It is invaluable to know who to ask for help and when I had to do some more practical assignments I was surprised when I understood just how many fantastic colleagues I’ve gotten to know during my time here. And the best part? I constantly get to meet more of them with each rotation I do.
Next up is C&T (commercial and tender) and we’ll see who I get to meet over there :)
Trainee Blog 5
Thorben: The last few weeks have been very exciting and I have experienced a lot. I spent three weeks in the materials technology department. The materials technology department has a well-equipped laboratory for analyzing all the materials used in cables. The department is very important for type testing and for customer acceptance of cables. In addition to the electrical tests, the materials used for the cable must also be tested. This is done by the laboratory. I was able to support the team, especially in the preparation of the samples. The team also works closely with Process Engineering, R&D, and Quality Operation. They support trials on the production machines or are consulted on improvements in production. I found the damage analyses especially interesting. For example, this is used if a length breaks during the electrical test. I learned a lot about the requirements and standards for cables during this time. In particular, I realized how important good preparation is.
In the second half of the rotation, I spent time in the Quality Operation department. I was already familiar with the team due to the close cooperation with my associated department, Process Engineering. The Quality team is tasked with evaluating all quality problems or potential anomalies that could lead to quality issues. Cooperation with Production is crucial in this regard. The process is as follows: Production reports anomalies, and the Quality department involves Materials Engineering or the process team to assess the problem and determine the appropriate course of action. During my time in the department, there were no major issues that necessitated repairing a length. Therefore, I supported the team in addressing important matters, including the IMS system, which structures and describes company processes. This system is vital for maintaining high-quality standards within the company
In my next rotation, I will be delving deeper into the engineering department of cable design and R&D, where I hope to learn a lot about the future of cables!
Trainee Blog 5
Jakob: Some more weeks have passed and it’s time for another blog post!
This time I will give you a summary of my fifth rotation in the Production Technology department. We have different sub-departments in Production Technology (Automation, Engineering, Documentation & Machine safety, Technicians, Maintenance) I spent most of my time with the Production Technology Engineering department.
If you have a good memory, you will remember that I spent my third rotation in another Engineering department, the main difference between those departments is that Production Technology Engineering works with the machines and equipment that manufactures the cable, and the Engineering department works with the cable design and everything that has to do with the cable.
As a former Mechanical Engineering student, the Production Technology Engineering department was a very familiar place when it came to construction and mechanical calculations.
During my first week I got introduced to a work-order that had arrived at the same time as myself, the work-order described a need for a platform to give better vision for the operators when working with the heat treatment of our cables.
My task was to construct the platform for the operators, this meant hosting meetings and talking with a lot of nice people to be able to construct the best solution. It was a fun project and I hope to see the final solution in a near future.
Now it’s time for me to leave Karlskrona for a while and to say hello to my colleagues in TC Västerås!
Blog Post 4 Trainee Blog

Rotation 4:

Thorben: Welcome back to a new blog entry. We hope you've been eagerly awaiting news from us.  We've completed another rotation, had our next workshop together and learnt about new sectors of NKT.
Firstly, I would like to share my experiences from my last rotation with you. I went one production step further and got to know the cutting center. This is where the cable is cut to the right length, signed, and wound on the delivery drum. The delivery reel is also prepared for shipping. It is quite impressive to stand in front of cable drums weighing up to a 100 ton.
Once again, it was time to meet up for a workshop. This time we met for a presentation skills training at NKT Technology Consulting in Västerås for 3 days. We worked on our presentation style, our PPT-skills, and our personality through different exercises. At the end there was a final presentation from everyone. It's amazing to make so much progress in such a short time. There are still points to work on, but you never stop learning. It's always lovely and fun when we are all together.
We also had the opportunity to take a tour of the site and got a great insight into the labs and the possibilities of our Technology Consulting. Many thanks to the NKT Västerås team and our program manager!
We, the trainees, are based in high voltage cable factories, but our business lines cover the whole path of electricity. So, we have regular meetings with people from different areas to get to know the whole NKT Group. Many meetings take place online as NKT is spread all over the world. The Karlskrona trainees had the opportunity to visit some Swedish sites, but they will tell you more about that!
Blog Post 4 Trainee Blog
Louise: Have you ever wondered about how much you can squeeze into a seven week rotation? I hadn’t before this one, but I’ll tell you it was more than I could imagine! Jakob and I moved from Engineering to the production in the middle of January, and since then we’ve managed to have a day in each of our production lines as well as meeting several departments connected to our production. We met wonderful operators who explained the quirks of each machine and I was impressed by the teamwork they have.
But, did you think that was all? Not at all, as Thorben explained, we also managed to make time for a presentation course. We practiced our enunciations, our body language, and our material for three days straight! The presentation theme was NKT, our business lines, and what the trainee position entails, and do you know what was perfect preparation for that? The trip we did to our sites in Alingsås and in Falun (as well as the trip to Cologne we wrote about before Christmas).
We, the trainees in Karlskrona, fit in a mini-Sweden tour where we had site visits at two of NKT’s business lines: Accessories and Applications, and visits to other companies in the energy transmission business. It was interesting to see how the joints and terminations are made in Alingsås, and how our low and medium (sometimes even high) voltage cables are produced in Falun. The more I learn about NKT, the more amazed I am by the complexity of each product that goes into building up our power grid! I look forward to moving along to project execution and following along our projects with more of a customer’s perspective.
Blog Post 4 Trainee Blog
Isak: Once again, a rotation has been finalized, and I'm on to the next one. My last rotation was in the Project Execution department, where I shadowed project managers for our "mega projects," specifically the SüdLink project, set to become the world's longest HVDC underground power link.
During this rotation, I had the privilege of following and supporting the Project Manager (PM) and Deputy Project Manager (DPM) with various tasks within the project, such as presentations and customer visits. I was also given the opportunity to work as a project leader (with the support from the PM and DPM in the Südlink project), overseeing a team of approximately ten people from different departments, including Engineering and HSE, all working towards the common goal of finding a new, improved, and suitable solution for fastening the cable ends to the delivery drums before transport. This role also involved aligning the solution with a similar team at another NKT factory in Cologne
Previously, in the trainee program, I expressed my interest in delving into project management to understand its nuances better and to broaden my experiences. This opportunity emerged, it was too valuable to pass up. The project is ongoing, and I look forward to continuing the work in my next rotation at the Commercial and Tender department. Stay tuned for the update in the next blog post!
Until next time!
Isak Olofsson
Blog Post 4 Trainee Blog
Jakob: Hi and welcome back to the Trainee blog! 7 weeks have passed and now I know everything there is to know about manufacturing a cable....or not. These 7 weeks have been very intense but also extremely interesting and educational. Together with Louise and the very friendly and helpful operators we have been going through all the different production lines that are included in manufacturing the cables. We have also visited departments that are directly working with the production.
For all newcomers or even the more experienced employees, I would really recommend to spend some time in the production if the possibility ever occurs.
The main thing that I will take with me from these 7 weeks are the connections I have made with colleagues in the production. It’s also nice to know my way around our enormous factory that is expanding every day.
Next up is Production Technology, which is a very nice transfer from Production Operations. Now it’s time to see what’s really going on inside our machines.
Until next time!
Blog Post 4 Trainee Blog
Fritjof: By leaps and bounds, another rotation has concluded, this time within the Engineering department. The Engineering department places significant emphasis on customer engagement, standards interpretation, addressing technical inquiries, and primarily, designing cables according to customer specifications.
Throughout this rotation, I seized the opportunity to participate in tailored training sessions with senior engineers, which equipped me with the knowledge of utilizing available tools effectively while understanding their limitations. Additionally, I actively engaged in ongoing projects and customer interactions, collaborating to resolve emerging questions and issues. Furthermore, I undertook a small project that facilitated extensive collaboration with colleagues, thereby expanding my professional network.
The Engineering rotation provided me with profound insights into cable design methodologies and rationale behind construction choices. This comprehensive understanding of cable design undoubtedly positions me favorably for the future.
Beyond the core Engineering activities, as noted by both Thorben and Louise, several weeks were dedicated to traveling to various locations. Initially, we visited Allingsås and Falun, examining our own sites for the Accessories and Application business lines. Subsequently, we engaged with other trainees from the National Trainee Network (NTN), which consists of companies within the energy sector in Sweden. Lastly, we participated in a presentation skills training session in Västerås.
These experiences have provided invaluable insights into our business and others, fostering meaningful connections and friendships that will endure throughout my whole career!
Trainee Blog Post 3

Rotation 3:

Fritjof Nilsson: Hello and welcome back to the blog! I trust everyone had a fantastic winter break filled with family time and delicious food. I certainly did!
Since our last blog post, I've completed my third rotation, which took me to the Production Technology department. It was an exciting shift from being directly involved in production processes to meeting the brilliant minds responsible for designing, maintaining, automating, and enhancing our machinery and production lines.
During this rotation, I had the opportunity to engage in individual introductions to all the sub-departments. Meeting with the managers allowed me to understand their roles and gain insights into their respective areas. Additionally, I had numerous one-on-one meetings with various professionals in the department, where they shared their daily responsibilities and provided an overview of their work.
One significant aspect of this rotation was being assigned my own project to work on throughout the duration. I delved into exploring ways to enhance one of our automatic processes. Working on this project was a tremendous learning experience, and I also had the chance to expand my network within NKT by reaching out to individuals affected by the project. I'm hopeful that my efforts have sparked interest and that the project will continue to develop.
My previous rotations were very hands-on and closely tied to the production floor. However, for my upcoming rotation, I'll be stepping into the Engineering department. Here, my focus will shift towards understanding how cables work and the intricacies of their design. I'm genuinely excited about this new opportunity and look forward to broadening my knowledge in this area!
Stay tuned for more updates on my journey within NKT.
Trainee Blog Post 3
Jakob Nilsson: Time really flies here at NKT, my third rotation was in the Engineering department, more specific, Project Engineering. Here I had the opportunity to follow along in the Hornsea 3 Offshore Wind Farm project. The project is in full swing as we are producing and testing cable.
During my seven weeks here, the main focus was on performing mechanical testing on the offshore cable, this included for instance a coiling test which we performed in a very snowy Karlskrona.
New for me in this rotation was the close contact with the customer, I really got to see and understand why it is so important to have a close contact with the customer. I also got the opportunity to meet the customers for the Hornsea 3 project and guide them in our production and testing facilities. That was a very nice experience.
In project engineering you get to follow the cable from start to finish. From design, production, testing and finally installation, which is something unique I would say.
Next up is production, so now it’s time to do some real work and really see how our cables come to life!
Trainee Blog Post 3
Louise Bohl: Hi! Can you believe that this is the post wrapping up our third rotation? It feels as though it was only yesterday we came here for the first time, almost getting lost on the way to our desks. A lot has changed, and a little more than four months into this adventure it feels as though we know the company both inside and out (spoiler: we definitely don’t).
Jakob and I had the same rotation this time and, although we’ve been desk neighbors, we have followed different projects. I switched from the material laboratory to the engineering department in late November, and with that the focus changed from physical material tests to the technical aspects of them. For me, it was a new experience to have a larger client focus in meetings and working with the customers to decide cable designs and discuss the challenges that always appear when laying cable in mixed terrain.
I got to follow Linnea, one of the previous NKT trainees, in the projects she works on. It’s been a variety of tasks: simulations, problem solving, theoretical discussions, tests, and so much more. If you would’ve told me that I enjoyed doing simulations of heat development and understand the workings of electromagnetic fields when I had those classes in college, I wouldn’t have believed you. Good thing we can change our minds!
During meetings and discussions we came in contact with departments I’ve previously had rotations at, and it is fun to see how it all comes together. The focus in NKT is on how all our experts can work together to deliver the best cable for each stretch of land (or seabed); something easier said than done.  It’s a game of give and take, as with most things in life, and finding the right balance is what makes the job so fun! Going forward, Jakob and I will move into our production operations rotation and I look forward to seeing where the magic happens!
Trainee Blog Post 3
Isak Olofsson: Entering a new year this year signifies a new rotation, transitioning from my previous role in the "Laboratories" department at NKT in Karlskrona. During that time, I actively participated in both mechanical and electrical tests and gained insights into NKT's material laboratory.
Throughout the rotation, I shadowed the high-voltage test engineers, assisting them in the preparation and execution of tests. This hands-on involvement allowed me to accumulate experience and comprehension regarding the purpose behind the tests, as well as a better understanding of the results and the underlying theory.
Apart from the test engineers, I was also introduced to the Investment and Expertise department, where the approach, execution and planning of the site acceptance tests were explained along with the structured method for fault finding in high-voltage cables.
As I embark on a new rotation, I am leaving the Laboratories department with excitement, curiosity and a humble mindset realizing just how much there is for me to learn. I anticipate another enriching chapter in my professional development at the Project Execution department.
Until next time!
Trainee Blog 4 Thorben Image
Thorben Schneider: The new year has begun, and we have now been part of the NKT family for over four months. Despite all the information we receive every day, we are still at the beginning of our journey. Every day is exciting in its own way. For my third rotation, I was in the process engineer department for the screening and jacketing area.
As in the previous departments, the first step is to understand the machines. In addition to the basic functionality, it is important to understand the forces at work in the manufacturing process and to recognize potential problems that may arise. It always helps to look at the machines during set-up, operation and to talk to the machine operators. I really like working close to the machines.
During my time in the department, my task was to further develop lean management and material tracking. Starting with the preparation of the current status, the development of improvement approaches through the introduction and implementation. Implementation has now begun and it's great to see that I can support the departments.
I particularly liked the way the department works. Solving the cause of the problem so that it doesn't occur again, in conjunction with the structured processing, corresponds to my intention to work, which is still improving. My next move will be to the submarine cable and cutting area. I will be happy to report from my next department soon! Thorben
Trainee Blog Post 3

Rotation 2

Image 1: Site visit in Cologne. From left to right: Louise, Thorben, Fritjof, Jakob, Isak.
Welcome back to another recap, this time of our second rotation. You’ll come to see that the trainees in Karlskrona will gradually start to have the “same” rotations, but what’s interesting is how versatile the rotations are despite having the same title. That’s a big part of the trainee journey: to find your own place in each department. Before we dive into the individual stories, we’ll make pitstop in Cologne!
As we wrote in the previous post, Thorben came to Karlskrona during a trainee workshop and with that he got to see the factory and Karlskrona site. The sites in Karlskrona and Cologne both produce high voltage cables, but through slightly different production methods, and it is interesting to compare the challenges and possibilities with the respective systems. The Karlskrona trainees were interested in seeing the Cologne factory and in November they traveled down to Cologne for a factory visit. We received a factory tour, all the way from stranding to delivery, and shared a lot of time networking and meeting key personnel at the Cologne site.
Trainee Blog Post 3
Image 2: Thorben in the extrusion line department.
Thorben Schneider:
Time flies and we have successfully completed the next rotation. Over the last few weeks, I have been able to work intensively with the process engineers in the extrusion line department. I was able to develop a comprehensive understanding of the conductor's insulation layer, from the entire manufacturing process to the various machines and the different materials. The insight into the complex calculations for the production specifications was particularly fascinating.
In addition to the extrusion lines, the degassing systems also fall within the remit of the department. Here I was given a comprehensive overview of the various systems. The opportunity to experience the launch of a new line at first hand was particularly impressive. Every working day is different, as you never know exactly what challenges await you and need to be solved. Dealing with current challenges on a daily basis motivates me and gives me pleasure.
It's fascinating to explore a new department and immediately feel well integrated into the team. A big thank you goes to my colleagues who took the time to explain everything to me. My next step will be to move into the screen and jacketing department - an exciting prospect that I'm already looking forward to.
Trainee Blog Post 3
Image 3: Marine Technology student and Fritjof (far right) at the top of the newest tower in Karlskrona; Lighthouse!
Fritjof Nilsson:
During my second rotation I was at Production Operations where I delved into the heart of NKT—the production, because without it there would be no cables. This rotation was very diverse between what I did on a daily basis. One day could be a lot of interviews and the next day could be stranding the conductor. This diversity provided a nuanced understanding of machinery operations and the cable production process, spanning from conductor to armoring and loading onto Viktoria.
In addition to actively participating in different production lines and seeking the perspectives of operators, I ventured into various departments, including sub-project management, operational procurement, logistics, planning, and competence and control. Despite the dynamic and hectic schedule of navigating multiple departments and meeting new people daily, being a trainee provided a unique opportunity to build a vast network and getting insights from various perspectives and competences. Besides my usual rotation I am also doing guided tours in our high voltage laboratory. During this rotation I had the opportunity to guide both visitors from NKT Technology Consulting in Västerås and the 3rd years students at Marine Technology at BTH. Since I also studied this program it was extra fun to be able to inspire them and showing them what we do at NKT and talk to them about potential future work here at NKT! In the picture below you can see me and the students together with their program manager.
A notable takeaway from this rotation is the realization that one of production's most challenging tasks lies in adeptly handling unexpected changes—a dynamic scenario reminiscent of a well-executed sitcom, where the punchline always seems to be a well-timed coffee break😉
Trainee Blog Post 3
Image 4: Louise (middle) at the work fare in Lund
Louise Bohl:
Time flies when you’re having fun, and I have no clue how it’s already time for a new rotation! I got to begin my second rotation at the Material Laboratory, along with some new hires in the department, and quickly got settled with the group. It’s a department that handles several different responsibilities related to the materials used in production: mechanical material tests, support functions to production, specialist functions, and everything in between! I’ve gotten to be part of routine tests where we make sure the materials meet the requirements, talk to specialists about their materials and the complexity of ensuring that they meet our standards, and see the daily work they do with supporting production, the interface towards customers and other departments, and test preparations.
Outside of the usual work at the rotation and our trip to Cologne, I got the opportunity to attend the work fare at Lund’s university (ARKAD) along with some colleagues. It was really fun to speak to students from different programs and stages of their education, and it made me realize how much I’ve learned during only a few months at NKT!
The more I learn about cable production, the more fascinated I am by how intricate it is to get the layers to cooperate. Each material and layer has a specific function and limitation, creating complex problems when changes need to be made and one material’s needs affect another's. After six weeks with the laboratory, my insight into the codependences of materials has increased and I’m even more curious to learn more about it! Fittingly enough, my next rotation is the engineering department where I’ll join a delivery project group and also have a small material project in collaboration between the material laboratory and engineering.
Trainee Blog Post 3
Image 5: Isak’s workstation at production technology
Isak Olofsson:
In my second rotation, I delved into the realm of Production Technology. Similar to my initial rotation, the primary focus remained on production, but with a shift from the operational aspects of each machine and production line to a deeper exploration of the technology driving them, as the name implies.
Throughout this rotation, I familiarized myself with various subdepartments within production technology. While I gained exposure to all facets, a significant portion of my time was dedicated to working closely with technicians, for whom I undertook several minor tasks. One notable project involved conducting a pre-study on the proper approach of damaged drums.
Beyond collaborating with technicians, I also engaged with project managers, automation and mechanical engineers, and received an introduction to the technical documentation department. The collaboration among these departments ensures the seamless operation of the entire factory, while also fostering the evolution of machines and solutions to meet the challenges posed by future cable requirements.
These six weeks have passed by even faster than during the previous rotation. The next rotation takes me to the Laboratories and the testing facilities in Karlskrona, something I am really looking forward to learning more about.
Trainee Blog Post 3
Image 6: Jakob onboard NKT Victoria
Jakob Nilsson:
For my second rotation, I moved to Research and Development (R&D), where I got to see all the different projects related to the future of our cables. R&D consists of project managers and specialists who work very closely together to advance and make NKT a strong competitor for the future.
The close connection between theoretical and practical work was something I really enjoyed at R&D and is also a crucial part of gaining the best understanding of our complex cables and everything around them.
I had the opportunity to delve into various projects, which increased my own knowledge and provided new perspectives. The most fun I had was during the two days I spent on our magnificent cable-laying vessel, NKT Victoria, where we conducted squeeze and pull tests on some of the cables that could potentially become our future products at NKT.
In the last blog post, I promised to reveal all our secret projects. But for any competitors reading this, we don't have anything interesting that we are working on! So please don’t spend any time on patents to slow us down, that would just be a waste of time!
Trainees 2023 lighthouse tower

1st rotation

Image 1: Jakob, Isak, Fritjof, Thorben, and Yasmin (trainee program manager) at the top of the Lighthouse tower in Karlskrona.
Louise: Hi again! It's already been more than six weeks since we began our first rotation and I had the privilege of spending mine with the Production Technology department. To say it is a lot of information to process is an understatement, but that is also the beauty of the trainee position! I did a deep dive into how the production technology departments work to ensure that the machines and factory stays up and running. To do that, the subdepartments work with everything from making sure our factory has the power it needs, to that the staff have the instructions and necessary documentation to do their jobs safely.  During this time, I also worked on a project on the material supply for the extrusion lines in order to deepen my understanding for the manufacturing process and the critical steps needed to produce high voltage cables.
Towards the end of the first rotation, we had a two day trainee workshop and Thorben joined us in Karlskrona. The main focus was learning about NKT; our customers, the market, developments in those fields, and how we can implement our Shared Beliefs in our work! The added bonus was getting to share our different experiences from our trainee positions and network with several people within the NKT organization.
The first rotation flashed by, and it’s already time for my second rotation at the material laboratory. You’ll hear from us again soon! // Louise
Thorben: The first few weeks have passed, and I've had a great start at NKT. Everyone welcomes you with open arms, shares their experiences, and offers help. My trainee program differs from that of my colleagues. In the first three weeks, I accompanied the machine operators to understand the manufacturing process and the various machines used in cable manufacturing.
After the initial three weeks, my first full length rotation began. My rotations are aligned with the cable manufacturing processes. For six weeks, I was part of the Process Team in the wire and conductor department. During this time I have learned a lot about the production of conductors, deepened my understanding of the operation of various machines, and contributed to improvements in the production of conductors. One of the main tasks is problem-solving.
I am very pleased with the way my rotation has gone, as I have gained a fundamental understanding of cable manufacturing, and I can now deepen my knowledge in various departments.
See you soon, Thorben.
Jakob: My first rotation as a Trainee was in the Simulations department where I had a highly positive start to my journey with the company. The team at Simulations extended a warm welcome and displayed a strong commitment to assisting me in understanding the fundamentals of both the Simulations department and NKT.
Over the course of six weeks, I engaged in various projects, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the simulations conducted at NKT. Additionally, I had the opportunity to participate in cable tension and bending tests and subsequently conducted an analysis of the test data. This experience significantly enhanced my comprehension of the mechanical properties exhibited by our cables and marked an excellent beginning to my tenure at the company.
Next up is Research and Development (R&D), so stay tuned and I will reveal all our most secret R&D projects in the next blog post!
Until then, take care! // Jakob
Elevator Pitch Trainee Fritjof
Image 2: Fritjof presenting a 3 minute elevator pitch about NKT at the trainee workshop Module 1
Fritjof: My first rotation was in the Laboratories department. I was warmly welcomed by both the managers and colleagues. The Laboratories department plays an important role in the cable manufacturing process, specializing in both mechanical and electrical testing. Testing cables to ensure their properties and structural integrity is vital for the quality and reliability of the end product.
In my first six weeks, I had the opportunity to explore various sub-departments, such as Electrical Qualification testing, Expertise and Investments, and Project Management. What stood out was how everyone took the time to introduce themselves and get to know me, which was very nice as a newcomer.
My time in the Laboratories was not just passive observation, it was an immersive experience. I actively participated in several projects and in various tests for developmental cables, gaining valuable hands-on experience. Witnessing the large-scale testing facilities and the testing process firsthand gave me a profound respect for the daily challenges faced in this field. This experience was both enlightening and educational, setting the stage for my future within the company.
This first rotation has been an electrifying ride, and I can't wait to see where this cable connection takes me next!
Isak: My first rotation was called Production Operations. As the name suggests, I closely observed the manufacturing operations within the production flow from the operator's perspective. I spent one day on each machine, learning as much as possible. In my initial rotation, I also dedicated time to the Subproject Managers department, along with Logistics, Purchase, Planning, and the Competence and Control departments, spending two to three days with each.
I consider myself fortunate to start with Production Operations. Being entirely new at NKT, getting an immediate overview of the entire production process greatly helped me understand not only how the cable is built, but also the interdependencies within the factory and how everything is interconnected.
The first six weeks passed quickly, filled with new experiences and meeting great people. Up next is Production Technology. Remaining within the production area, I will now shadow technicians and engineers.
Best regards,
2023 Trainees Outside

Introduction of this year's trainees

Hello, Once again, it is time for the previous trainees to take the next step in NKT and a new batch of trainees to come in. This year we have increased our numbers, and we have five trainees ready to begin our rotations. Four of us are located in Karlskrona, Sweden, and for the first time we have one of us in Köln (Cologne), Germany. We wish Claes, André, and Petter all the best in their new positions and can’t wait to meet them during our rotations! The question you must be asking is: who are the new trainees? Well, let us introduce ourselves! (from left to right in the picture: Thorben, Louise, Fritjof, Jakob, and Isak)
Hello everyone, my name is Thorben Schneider, and I'm from Germany. I grew up in a small town on the border with Dortmund and completed my master's in mechanical engineering with emphasis on product engineering at the University Duisburg-Essen. Now, my next step is to start as a trainee at the production site in Cologne, specializing in Process Engineering. I'm very excited to be part of NKT's trainee program. In this exciting field of work, I will contribute to advancing the energy transition. Together with my Swedish trainee colleagues, I will seize the opportunity to further develop personally. The chance to rotate through various departments and thus gain an understanding of the interplay of the manufacturing process is a great honor for me. My goal is to grow with NKT so that next year, new talents can go through the trainee program in Germany as well.    Thanks for reading! Stay tuned and see you soon!
Hi! My name is Louise and I come from a small town called Grängesberg in the southern part of Dalarna.  I have always loved learning new things and building a bigger picture of how those things work. I also love trying new things and especially anything connected to arts and crafts!
After high school I began studying electrical engineering at Chalmers with a master's in biomedical engineering. The most intriguing part of that was the integration between humans and technology, and how connected the societal branches are. Through internships in both the power transmission and isolation material industry, my interest in energy transmission and the complexity of cables grew. I wanted to expand my horizon and learn as much as possible, and the NKT trainee program is the perfect opportunity for that!
I look forward to sharing my small adventures within NKT with you!
Hello, blog. My name is Fritjof Nilsson, and I am 25 years old, born and raised in Sjöbo, a small town in the middle of Skåne. For as long as I can remember, I have always been very creative and loved solving problems, which led me to pursue my Master of Science in Marine Technology at BTH in Karlskrona, a journey I completed this summer. Currently, there is significant growth within the Marine sector in Karlskrona, and I am extremely proud to be a part of it as a trainee at NKT, contributing to the creation of products that facilitate the transition to green energy.
Before moving to Karlskrona for my advanced studies, I lived in Eslöv for three years, where I attended a technical high school with a focus on table tennis as a sports profile. Table tennis has played a significant role in my life, alongside my passion for sports fishing, which was one of the reasons I decided to move to Karlskrona to study Marine Technology.
As a trainee at NKT, I see an abundance of opportunities, and I highly value the ability to see the bigger picture. I am eagerly looking forward to learning as much as possible during this year, and I hope that you, our readers, will enjoy our updates from various rotations.
Over and out, Fritjof.
Hello there! My name is Jakob Nilsson, and I'm 24 years old and I come from Osby located in northern Skåne. I recently completed my master's degree in mechanical engineering with emphasis on applied mechanics at Blekinge Institute of Technology, and I'm incredibly excited to embark on my next adventure as a trainee. Getting the chance to start as a trainee is truly a dream come true for me. I look forward to continuing to learn and grow within NKT and I really feel like the possibilities are endless here. Apart from my technical interests, I am also an active person that loves to practice different sports, with a great passion for football. I also enjoy being out in the nature.
I'm really looking forward to the future and the opportunity to share my experiences and knowledge with all of you. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little better!
Greetings, everyone! I'm Isak Olofsson, hailing from a small town in the vicinity of Hässleholm, Skåne. Five years ago, I made a significant move to Karlskrona to pursue a master's degree in mechanical engineering, with a focus on applied mechanics at Blekinge Institute of Technology. Beyond my technical interests, I have a deep passion for sports, particularly football.
As my educational journey neared its end, I began shifting my focus toward the future and exploring potential employers on a global scale. NKT swiftly emerged as the ideal candidate, offering a wealth of opportunities and possibilities within the organization. What truly sealed the deal for me was their outstanding trainee program, perfectly aligned with my educational background and technical interests.
Now that I've embarked on this exciting journey with NKT, I am eager to absorb knowledge, broaden my horizons, and contribute to both personal growth and the company's success.

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