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SuedLink & SuedOstLink - NKT is a major supplier for the corridor projects

Underground HVDC cable systems for sustainable renewable energy integration
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HV cable laying with construction workers

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From Low Voltage to High Voltage - we have a lot to share
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NordLink HVDC submarine cable pulled in to Germany

From Cable Producer to Full-Service Partner

Since 1891 NKT has pioneered the cable industry. We started out with developing – at the time – highly innovative low voltage cables (LV) during the second industrial revolution. Our cables supported the transition from steam and waterpower to electricity and helped build the basis for modern convenient life as we know it.
Today we partner with our customers in the energy sector to create a safe and sustainable future in a world increasingly depending on power.
Over the years, our understanding of the role we play in society has changed us from being merely a cable manufacturer relentlessly improving the quality and durability of our cables to becoming a full-service trusted partner.  By adding first medium voltage cables (MV) and later high voltage cables (HV) to our portfolio of products, we have become a leading cable supplier within Europe. However, sometimes cables break and need repair and some cables need to be exchanged by higher power levels to meet the society's needs for more energy. And so our focus has consequently expanded. By incorporating cable accessories, 24-hour service and a state-of-the-art cable laying vessel into our offering we can meet the demands of our growing number of customers and partnerships.
We pride ourselves in solving our customers real-life challenges everyday, while providing lasting value to the world’s power grids. Feel free to contact us, we are always happy to share our expertise and discuss future mutual opportunities.

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Find the right NKT contacts for your region here.
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