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UK & Ireland service offering

NKT have a strong foothold in the UK and Irish markets and operate across our HV Solutions, Applications, and Service & Installation business lines here.
In 2022 NKT HVC Ltd opened a new UK head office location at the Wilton Centre in Redcar, Teesside. This further expanded NKT’s regional footprint on the back of the 2022 acquisition of a fire cable manufacturing business in Runcorn, providing NKT with cable manufacturing capacity in the UK.

Reference projects from the UK & Ireland region

Weisdale Voe
NKT Victoria completing the cable pull-in in Shetland

Service & installation

The NKT Service & Installation team brings a wealth of experience to the UK market both onshore and offshore.

High Voltage Cable Solutions

NKT’s HV Solutions business line has a long track record of delivering complex HV projects on a turnkey basis in UK & Ireland.