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Service & installation

The NKT Service & Installation team brings a wealth of experience to the UK market both onshore and offshore.  Our specialist High Voltage services help support customers across a range of applications including Transmission & Distribution Network Operators to Industrial Legacy Clients who own, operate and maintain legacy power networks including LPOF (Low Pressure Oil Filled) and Gas Insulated cable assets. 
Our dedicated team of Managers and Jointer Teams work on greenfield and brownfield legacy upgrade projects at 66kV, 132kV, 275kV and 400kV voltage levels on a range of cable types throughout the UK & Ireland.
Based at the Wilton Centre, on Teesside in the North East of England, we work with our clients in three key areas:
  • Fault Finding & High Voltage Cable Repairs
  • Cable Jointing & Termination Works
  • Service Level Agreements

Fault Finding & HV Cable Repairs

By employing established and cutting edge fault finding techniques in our clients cable assets, NKT can quickly locate cable faults within a close degree of accuracy, determine remedial actions to efficiently deploy a repair solution and bring your cable asset back into service as soon as possible.
We understand that accidents can happen at your site with varying degrees of cable damage from small cable strikes to catastrophic cable damage when plant equipment such as mini-diggers have struck a live cable resulting in an ensuing flash over, damage to cable, equipment and in worse case scenarios workers in close proximity to the damaged live cable.
When accidents happen, NKT Service & Installation can mobilise quickly to respond and provide you with a full turnkey repair solution at your site fault location with the backing of our vast technical department. 

Cable Jointing & Termination

Cable jointing is a craft that requires solid experience, whether it is extruded (XLPE), Mass Impregnated (MI) fluid or gas filled cables, the UK Jointer Team spend all of their time on jointing and termination work. 
Delivering complete jointing solutions, from sheath & pressure testing, cable jointing, termination installation, we utilise our highly-skilled personnel, mobilised with all the equipment required to complete the works.  This includes; all hand tools, jointing houses, pipe welding & bending tools, oil filling equipment and cable peeling tools.
Our dedicated team of HV Cable Jointers has delivered numerous successful projects on schemes of varying scale from small projects to extensive complex projects, covering interconnectors to new wind farm construction projects both onshore and offshore.

Service Level Agreements

We bring our extensive experience, competence and outstanding service delivery, regardless of cable type.  The UK Service team know that different cable systems require different maintenance and monitoring to operate optimally without any unplanned outages.  The risk of failure in a well-managed cable system is very low, but should it occur, time is of the essence to minimise revenue losses.  Service quality must be excellent to avoid future problems, the service provider must have a proven skill set of competence, craftsmanship, safety awareness, spare parts availability, agility and speed.  NKT can provide all this and more, with a holistic approach and the understanding that “One Size” does not fit all – we can provide you with a bespoke Service Level Agreement (SLA) as the safest way to minimise downtime in the event of cable damage.  SLA customers are prioritised and guaranteed an agreed response time and service level under all circumstances. 
The agreement ensures the maintenance and repair services are carried out rapidly, safely and cost effectively.  It is designed as a framework for your service activities and is flexible in terms of the extent of planned and unplanned service.
You can customise an SLA to contain some or all of our cable services.  The agreement will be tailored to stipulate precisely what you can expect from our service delivery. Fees, rates, scope of support, service provision and pre-agreed contracts are all defined under a customer specific framework.

For all sales enquiries relating to the Service and Installation business line, please reach out to the following:

Paul Callaghan
Sales Manager UK & Ireland