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Low Voltage Cables

A variety of solutions to meet almost any specific need

We can deliver virtually any cable to meet any specific need, all in accordance with international standards and tested for a long service life.
Installer pulling low-voltage cable from a Qaddy®
At NKT we focus on innovation, safety standards, and our variety of high-quality designs, which is reflected in our large range of applications and custom-designed cables.
Our low voltage cables, wires and conduits offer solutions for every imaginable application. From building wires, to different cable types such as Flexible, Control, and Telecom Energy cables.
Our 1 kV cables enable a huge variety of connection possibilities creating great opportunities to merge systems together. The 1 kV cable range is very varied with different types of cables for fixed installation indoors, outdoors, in ground, pipes, water and concrete.
The Telecom energy cables bring reliable power to our global telecom customers. In addition, our flexible conduits and smart installer solutions are the first choice for many professional installers.

Installer solutions

Smart solutions contribute to a better working environment for electricians.
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Building Wires

At NKT, we develop durable cables that will deliver value for many years. When we develop an installation cable at NKT, the best working environment is always an important parameter.

Flexible Cables

Our flexible cables are designed to cope with very high bending radii and used in various applications.

Flexible Conduits

NKT flexible conduits are the first choice for installers with high demands on quality and work environment.

Control Cables

Control cables are designed to provide input for objects being controlled and are load-bearing cables, used in automotive and instrumentation applications.

1 kV Cables

The wide range of NKT 1 kV cables are manufactured to meet all recognised standards for indoors, outdoors, in ground, pipes, water and concrete applications.

Telecom Energy Cables

NKT offer cost-efficient quality Telecom energy cables for site solutions by working closely with our customers and continuously shaping our product range.