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High Voltage Cable Accessories (52-550 kV)

Premium products designed for ease of installation and long service life

Full range of cable accessories for your requirements

We at NKT pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for cable accessory solutions. Our range of high voltage cable accessories comprises cable joints, connectors to switchgear and transformers as well as outdoor terminations. And within each of those categories we provide a choice of products that gives you plenty of technical flexibility.

The benefits of our high voltage cable accessories

When you opt for high voltage cable accessories from NKT, the benefits start flowing even before you’ve installed a single component. No matter what the application, we have such a comprehensive selection of items, so you can be sure of sourcing your entire solution under one roof. With our expert advice on tap, you can be confident that your project will get off to the best possible start.
There are also considerable long-term benefits of choosing NKT’s high voltage cable accessories. Created in our own state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Germany and Sweden, every item in this extensive range is designed not only for extreme reliability but also user-friendly installation. What this means in practice is a much lower total cost of ownership thanks to quicker, less error-prone assembly and reduced maintenance.
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Applications served

Our ultra-reliable high voltage cable parts can be used in applications with voltages up to 550 kV. That includes the following:
  • Self-supporting outdoor terminations, porcelain or composite
  • Flexible outdoor terminations
  • Terminations for gas-insulated switchgear
  • Transformer terminations
  • Straight-through joints
  • Insulation joints / cross-bonding joints
  • Transition joints, XLPE-insulated / oil-filled cables
  • Products for the connection/installation of low-pressure oil-filled cables, 36 kV – 170 kV

A smart investment

Carefully designed for easy installation and precision manufactured for extreme reliability, our premium high voltage cable accessories for jointing, connection (to switchgear/transformers) and outdoor termination take the hassle out of projects and provide savings in the long term.

All our high voltage cable accessories at a glance

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Wind Power Applications

We offer a vast range of solutions for offshore and onshore wind farms, including connectors, joints and termination systems.

GIS/Transformer Terminations

We provide options for both dry plug-in and oil-filled plug-in cable terminations for gas-insulated switchgear/transformers.

Outdoor Terminations

When you are selecting from our range of outdoor terminations for high voltage applications, you have a choice of flexible, oil-filled, porcelain and composite insulator types.

Transition Joints

Find out about our products for creating transitions between LPOF and XLPE cables up to 170 kV: single-core or three-core transition joints.


Find out about our products for creating transitions between LPOF and XLPE cables up to 170 kV: single-core or three-core transition joints.


Find out about our products a selection of premium high voltage joints for oil-filled cable construction