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Pioneering Production Sites with State-of-the-Art Facilities

World-leading facilities for cutting-edge solutions

Our story is one of constant evolution and innovation. Propelled by never-ending technological advances and an unrelenting demand for energy, we have been tireless in our commitment to researching and developing new product innovations.  As the world moves increasingly towards renewable energy, we take pride in knowing that our pioneering cable accessories are playing a vital role in that transition. These pioneering products simply wouldn’t be possible without pioneering production sites. With two state-of-the-art facilities dedicated solely to cable accessories, we’ve certainly got what it takes. Not only do our sites boast the world’s most sophisticated, versatile and cost-effective production facilities, but they also have sustainability at their heart.
Production Nordenham

Nordenham – our specialist MV site

Our production site at Nordenham is a centre of excellence for everything to do with medium-voltage cable accessories. It is here that we pioneered the use of silicone rubber back in the 1960s, becoming the first manufacturer to utilise it in cable accessories. This innovative spirit still drives our work at Nordenham, where we continue to break new ground in the field of silicone rubber technology.

A 300-strong team of experts

Our team of expert engineers at Nordenham develop, test and manufacture bespoke solutions and off-the-shelf products. But we’re so much more than that. Our dedicated support staff provide comprehensive after-sales service, and the site is also home to a world-class training centre, offering specialist training in the assembly and installation of our medium-voltage cable accessories.

Walking the sustainability walk

Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword for us. Our production facility at Nordenham runs on 100% green electricity.

ISO accredited

Our Nordenham production facilities work to the most exacting standards, and hold the following certifications:
  • ISO 9001:2015                        Quality management systems
  • ISO 14001:2015                      Environmental management systems 
  • ISO 50001:2018                      Energy management systems
  • DIN SPEC 91020:2012           Occupational health management
  • ISO 45001:2018                      Occupational health and safety management systems

Alingsås – high voltage, high tech, high spec

First established in 1888, the plant at Alingsås became the specialist hub for our high-voltage cable accessories business in 2017. Today, we produce HV cable accessories for installations with a voltage of up to 550 kV AC or up to 640 kV DC – including cable joints, terminations and connectors, as well as tools and other accessories. 

The full works

With more than 100 employees across five divisions, our Alingsås site has everything under one roof. Our operations team deals with production, state-of-the-art product testing and supply chain management. Our expert engineers have the benefit of a state-of-the-art materials lab and a dedicated HV test field facility at their disposal, handling product design and development, prototyping, technical documentation and servicing. The engineering division also provides technical training for installation technicians. Meanwhile, our research and development team are continually driving innovation forward behind the scenes, while our committed sales and customer care team ensure our customers always have the support they need – no matter what stage they’re at in the process. And underpinning it all is our admin and finance division.

Green and keen

The production plant at Alingsås is proud to be powered exclusively using renewable energy, and our energy efficiency is close to net zero – and improving all the time. We also have a strong waste-reduction policy in place.

Working to the highest standards

Our Alingsås site is certified according to the following international standards:
  • ISO 9001:2015                        Quality management systems
  • ISO 14001:2015                      Environmental management systems 
  • ISO 45001:2018                      Occupational health and safety management systems