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Cable Accessory Training

Customized trainings for a safe, reliable and efficient installation

Cable jointing is a challenging and highly skilled trade. It requires a great deal of knowledge, skill and dexterity during both the cable preparation stage and the cable accessory installation. It is also a considerable challenge for jointers to stay up to date with the products being continuously developed and improved, plus an ever-changing landscape of best practice and regulations.
Training is therefore an extremely important part of what we do as a company. We provide hands on courses led by experienced professional trainers, covering any aspect of accessory installation for XLPE cables up to 245 kV. Location, content, duration and number of attendees are all extremely flexible. You can even choose to study online.
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Specifications of our training courses

Our training courses are for anyone involved in the installation of NKT’s medium and high voltage cable accessories. They provide valuable practical skills as well as a clear theoretical understanding of the subject, leaving you much better placed to complete projects on time and in a problem-free way.
We can cover any aspect of the installation of XLPE cable accessories up to 245 kV, providing an appropriate balance of theoretical background and practical conductor/sheath connection techniques. We also cover environmental and safety aspects of installation.
Here at NKT, we take great pride in approaching each training course as a unique undertaking. Our aim is to ensure that candidates are trained to the highest industry standards. We also provide the necessary ongoing support to help them progress within the industry.
Get in touch to discuss details of content, level, location, group size and duration.

Benefits of our training courses

  • Become an expert in the use of industry-leading cable accessories
  • Remove risk from projects
  • Fill gaps in your skill base or train for specific installation challenges
  • Maximum convenience of location and timing
  • Skilled teaching staff
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