Fair, sustainable – and accountable

Sustainability should always be a vital part of how we do business. It is at the foundation of every business decision, every technological development, every human factor and every client relationship. It is not about simply maintaining a position, it is about moving forward, innovating, developing. It is about seeing new opportunities and acting upon them.

Our world’s reliance on power is total. Like nothing else on earth, electricity drives our modern existence, but we cannot demand it at all costs. We have a responsibility to ensure that how we create it, deliver it and use it, is in the best interests of the future generations to come. Here we, as the link between power source and user, have a vital role to play.

City of Liverpool by night
Liverpool by night Medium-Voltage cables

Tangible actions

For us, it’s a journey – where the departure is taking on this responsibility to society by ensuring constant attention at every level; not just for the products, but equally on how we  make, install and decommission them with careful consideration for the safety of both people and the environment.

To navigate we have the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which outline a blueprint for a better world and provide us with tangible guidelines for our actions - from our factory floor in Karlskrona to the boardroom in Copenhagen, from the ocean floor to the Baltic 1 windfarm in the Baltic Sea and every cable, connection and termination in between.

We are constantly reducing the carbon footprint of our power cable solutions connecting the world. As a key provider of power cables, it is natural for us to drive our business sustainable and responsible.

— Alexander Kara, President and CEO

Sustainable Development goals

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) define the greatest sustainability challenges globally and provide guidelines for the necessary actions. At NKT, we are committed to running our business in a way that contributes to a number of these targets. Our selected SDG’s cover the relevant goals  that are applicable to us in our industry. On the ecological and human front, our actions regarding climate change, sustainable societies and providing the infrastructure for the future in a safe and sustainable manner remain.

The goals and underlying targets with the most significant impact for NKT are set out below.

7 affordable and clean Energy
8 decent work and economic growth
9 industry, innovation and infrastructure

NKT is committed to reduce our carbon footprint

NKT runs all its power cable factories with 100% green electricity


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NKT recognized for CSR practices

NKT has received a ‘Gold’ rating by the independent rating company EcoVadis

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NKT is a global supplier with manufacturing facilities around Europe

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