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Let´s build a greener future together

Jan 28, 2022

Your choice of cables makes a difference in achieving a more sustainable future. All NKT factories producing building wires, low and medium voltage cables are running on 100% renewable energy.

Image of cable in flower field
In NKT, we believe in a greener future and we are dedicated to power cable technology and our purpose is to connect you, us and society to a greener world.
Certificates, verifications and some facts from our building wires, low and medium voltage cables factories  
Your choice of cables makes a difference in achieving a more sustainable future. All building wires, low and medium voltage cables factories in Europe are running on 100% renewable energy so this is a good place to start making a difference. The factories are placed in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Poland and Czech Republic.
All the plants are certified with,
    • ISO 14001 (Environment)
    • ISO 9001 (Quality)
    • ISO 45001(Health and Safety)
Our efforts towards Climate Action have been verified by SGS, which provides assurance and verification to the reported carbon footprint and our products are complaint with the REACH and ROHS regulation regarding the use of chemical and hazardous substances.
Image of Warszowice factory
Image of CZ plant
Image of Asnaes plant
Aerial photo of telecom cable production facility in Falun
Here are some cool & green facts from one of our building wires and low voltage production factories: Warszowice, Poland:
Carbon emissions and energy
  • 100% green electricity
  • 76% factory CO2 footprint 2020 compared vs 2019 with a total amount of 11.656 tonnes of CO2 eq saved
  • LED lights substitution developed with saving/year  kWh 49.600
  • by the end of 2027 100% electric forklifts with expected  savings of 150 tonnes of CO2
Waste and materials
  • 98% of material utilization rate in production with limited production of scrap 2%
  • 4% of the PVC produced is re-used with an approximate savings of 500 kg of CO2 eq per year
  • Packaging foil reduction with an estimate savings of 11.000 kg of plastic per year
Green labels initiative
Our building wires and low voltage products are also listed in several green labels initiatives specifically developed for the building/construction sector. Those initiatives provide a quality stamp that ensures that the building components, such us our cables, are best in quality, for human health and the environment.
Join us in our journey towards a more sustainable world – choose installation cables made with 100% renewable energy for your next project.
Learn more on how we drive sustainability in the Sustainability report and on the global sustainability website.

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