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Power to life since 1891

A story of constant innovation

Our journey has been a story of constant innovation in developing the cable solutions that are the backbone of our modern world. NKT is a trusted partner creating the vital links powering the world.
Advancing technology has demanded higher specifications and performance from the cables and wires that make the connections. The growing needs for power, have been considerable, but they have been met through an unceasing commitment to development. 

Connecting the world since 1891

We go back to 1891 when engineer H. P. Prior saw the potential in making high quality wire for power distribution and for the newly invented telephone. He founded NKT during the second industrial revolution where coal and gas were giving way to electricity as the source of domestic and industrial power. Within seven years of establishment the company had grown and was listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange as Nordiske Kabel og Traadfabriker, NKT.
Today, with locations in more than 16 countries and manufacturing facilities in Germany, Sweden, Poland, UK, Czech Republic, Norway and Denmark, NKT is a world-leader in cable technology contributing to the fourth industrial revolution and the global transition to renewable energy.

Key milestones since 1891

2022 - Fire resistant cables

Acquisition of Ventcroft in United Kingdom to continue expansion of Applications product portfolio

2020 - NKT commits to net-zero emissions

As the first major power cable manufacturer NKT officially signs up for the Science Based Target initiative to become a net-zero emissions company. Begins running all production sites on green electricity.
Offshore Windmill farm in the ocean Westermeerwind park, windmills isolated at sea on a beautiful bright day Netherlands Flevoland Noordoostpolder. Huge windmill turbines

2020 - NKT wins the German Corridor projects

The 525 kV cable system is a key element in developing a DC grid that can utilize renewable energy generation more efficiently. NKT is awarded major orders for the German Corridor projects, which are key enablers of the green transition of Germany.
Suedlink TenneT

2017 - Acquisition of factory in Karlskrona

With the acquisition of ABB HV Cables in Sweden, NKT increased capacity of HV cable production and offshore cable laying capabilities with the deployment of the customer made vessel, NKT Victoria.
HV Offshore cable in last stages of manufacturing

2013 - We acquire Ericsson’s cable operations

Acquisition of Ericsson power cable operations in Sweden to increase our Applications product portfolio.
Universal cable hung up as an overhead line

2010 - New state-of-the-art plant

Opening the new state-of-the-art production plant in Cologne, Germany focused on high voltage cables.
Exterior view of production site in Cologne

2001 - Development of a superconducting cable

NKT became the first company to develop a superconducting cable
Sectional view of superconducting cable

1995 - PVC and halogen-free cables and cords

Introduction of a new range of PVC and halogen-free cables and cords that improved environmental and safety elements.
Installer stripping a halogenfree cable

1954 - World´s first HVDC MI offshore cable

NKT launches the first HVDC MI submarine cable. connecting Gotland with the Swedish mainland
Black and white historical photo of the IEEE link

1891 - Our foundation

The Dane Hans Peter Prior founded Nordiske Kabel- og Traadfabriker A/S
Portrait of H.P. Prior

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