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Production of an MV cable in our factory in Aesnas

Strong relationships

Procurement is a crucial component in enabling us to provide valuable solutions to our customers, from high quality cables to electrical infrastructure, and turnkey deliveries. Thus, we have built strong relationships with our suppliers over the years.
However, we remain interested in strengthening this vital area in sourcing everything we need, from software to steel, from start to finish. As we recognize the considerable impact that raw materials, technology and services from our suppliers have on our final products we pay close attention to developing the relationship between suppliers, contractors and ourselves. When it says NKT on the product or the solution, it is vital that every contributory component matches and adds to our drive for excellence and quality.    

How to become part of the chain

To ensure that quality never takes a backwards step, we have formal criteria and qualification rules for any new partnership. Furthermore, it is extremely important to us that we always provide equal competitive opportunities for large, medium-sized and small businesses. These are in line with the generally accepted fair competition principles and a statement of no conflict of interest.
If you want to become NKT’s supplier, please write to

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