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Together the Czech team planted 2000 trees

Apr 20, 2022

On the weekend before Easter, the Czech team came together with Home for Trees to help restore the forest in the Svitavsko region after the wind and bark beetle calamity. It was a promise we made to our customers as a company and one that we took very seriously, just like any other promise.

platning trees
Anyone who knows NKT at least a little knows that we care for the environment and nature around us. Our slogan "We connect a greener world" is not only our company motto, but also extends into the lives of all our employees and their families. That's why we didn't hesitate for a moment and, in cooperation with the great people from the non-profit organization Home for Trees, we set out in the pre-Easter weekend to fulfill the promises we made not only to our customers (a tree for every completed satisfaction survey), but also to ourselves.
We rarely settle for little, which is why we've decided to take our commitment a little further. So we stopped counting questionnaires and decided to rebuild a forest damaged by strong winds. The trees that needed to be planted were innumerable, so it was necessary to gather all possible support and strength. Together with colleagues from marketing, sales and customer service, we met in Brno in the Svitav region and got to work. The April weather did not disappoint. During the day we experienced sun, rain and even snow. However, no one was discouraged and the work literally grew under our hands.
Thanks to the experts from Home for Trees, we learned a lot about the forest and the different types of trees in them. Our efforts were completed and at the end of the day we stated an impressive result. Nearly 2000 trees, mostly deciduous, had been planted. Every one of these beech, crane, maple, cherry, pine or larch trees will thus be clear evidence for many years to come that the NKT staff is no stranger to ecological thinking and the effort to connect a greener way of life with our contemporary lives. Thanks to the backpacks made from recycled PET bottles that NKT provided us with at the event, we were once again convinced that we are all pulling together and that we are all working hard to reduce the negative impact of whatever we do on the environment we live in and love.
Planting trees CZ
Planting trees
Planting trees
Planting trees
Does that seem like a minor detail to you? No, it's very powerful! The power of a great sense of belonging and good work done together. We have confirmed that we are part of a company with a strong corporate culture and a clear vision for the future of our planet. Our word always stands and we take our commitments, not only to our customers, seriously. We do all this with pride and enthusiasm for a good common cause! We look forward to the next event like this.

I am extremely honored and touched that so many of us gathered in this April weather and managed to plant 2000 trees out of the 1000 planned.

— Michaela Cabejšková, Marketing Manager CZ | SK