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Cable Accessories for Wind Farms

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Full range of reliable and safe cable accessories

Wind energy has a vital role to play in the fight against global climate change. It’s a hugely important sector that presents many unique challenges. Cable accessories may be a small and inexpensive element in an offshore wind project, but choosing the wrong ones can have a significant impact on every aspect of a wind farm’s operation – and at considerable cost. With our cable accessories, we can rise to the challenge of ensuring that the various elements in your wind farm will all work together seamlessly, with exceptional reliability and safety.
We offer our customers a comprehensive range of connectors, joints, surge arresters, termination systems, pre-terminated cables and even assembly tools covering every single part of a wind turbine – from the nacelle to the foundation.

Solutions for offshore wind parks

We have a vast experience in equipping offshore wind farms with cables and cable accessories. Worldwide, we have supplied our products to more than 30 offshore wind farms, accounting for more than 2800 wind turbines. Our cable accessories for offshore wind farms include connectors, surge arresters, joints, and termination systems up to 72 kV.
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Solutions for onshore wind parks

Our range of cable accessories includes joints, terminations, connectors, surge arresters, and cable branch cabinets that can be applied in wind turbines and for their connection to the grid. Geometric field control elements that are built into our cable accessories enables them to cope with high and fluctuating frequencies to which they are exposed, thus ensuring a safe and reliable operation.
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