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High Voltage GIS Transformer Terminations

High voltage terminations for gas-insulated switchgear / gas-insulated transformers.

When it comes to terminating cables at gas-insulated switchgear / GIS voltage transformers, we provide options for both oil-filled and the newer dry cable technologies. Our dry terminations are designed for voltages in the range 72.5 kV to 550 kV. By contrast, the oil-filled termination range has products for voltages in the range 123 kV to 420 kV.
Our dry and oil-filled GIS/transformer terminations accommodate both XLPE- and EPR-insulated cables with Al or Cu conductors. Both also have options for connection to a gas-filled or oil-filled connector box. The dry termination features eight optional kits, including optical fibre.


What you gain by opting for our GIS transformer plug-in parts:
  • Excellent silicone material properties provide reliable operation
  • Precision engineering from our own German and Swedish production facilities
  • Rigorous testing of the manufactured items
  • Designed for ease of installation with standard tools

Working with Our High Voltage GIS Transformer Terminations

You can be sure of finding everything you need for a high reliability solution in our comprehensive range of premium accessories. Our selection of oil-filled and dry terminations for GIS/transformers, like all our product categories, offers a wealth of options, enabling you to create a solution that is exactly right for you.

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