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High Voltage Transition Joints

For bridging between cables of different technologies

The process of designing power network infrastructure is never straightforward. We’d all like to start with a blank page, but often we have legacy cable or equipment or some other major challenge – due to location, budget or skillbase, for example – which can force us to make difficult choices of hardware. That’s why it’s so useful to have a range of transition joints that let you integrate completely different cable technologies. It gives you maximum freedom in your technical decision-making.
The transition joints in our HV range are designed for various voltages up to 170 kV. Both three-core and single-core cables are catered for. One of the three models has an optional optical fibre kit that gives you even greater scope when designing a high voltage power network.
Dealing with mixed cable technologies as you build, renovate or extend power infrastructure? Our best-in-class engineering makes these high voltage transition joints a must have.
HV ACC Joints Ranstad 380

Why you should chose transition joints from NKT

With our transition joints at your disposal, you are much freer to design your network infrastructure as you wish. Here are just some of the benefits of our joints designed for bridging LPOF and XLPE cables:
  • Enables reliable extended service of legacy cable
  • Provides greater freedom in choice of technologies
  • Bridge between cables of different core profiles as well as different technologies
  • Straightforward and quick installation
  • Features that reduce oil leakage when installing on the transition joint cables
  • Optional add-ons depending on the model

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