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Onshore Cable Service

Best performance, regardless of the cable type

To minimise power outages and ensure uninterrupted supply, you need a reliable service partner that focuses on the specific challenges presented by cable systems. This is the only way to ensure steady and sustained functionality. 
NKT relies on its extraordinary wealth of experience for the production and maintenance of a wide range of insulation technologies. From extruded (XLPE) and mass-impregnated cables to the legacy gas-pressure or oil-filled cables – still common in our cities – we know the technical requirements for every cable type. This makes us the ideal provider of onshore service products not only for new cable technologies but also for cable systems of older standards.

Our complete onshore service portfolio at a glance

We provide you with all onshore services from a single source – from fault finding, through repair solutions, to spare parts management. Find the right service for your requirements and learn more about our offerings by clicking on one of the icons below.

Our services for your offshore project.
Our services for your offshore project.
Our services for your offshore project.
Our services for your offshore project.
Our services for your offshore project.
Using dry ice in the maintenance of cable joints

Repair Preparedness

Skilled resources on standby shorten the reaction time and facilitate the fastest possible return to normal operation.

Cable Services Core Competence: Repair Preparedness
Preparation is key to successful repair operations. We can tailor a preparedness plan for you, outlining the data, permits, certificates, contacts and repair scenarios that are necessary for repairs to be performed swiftly and safely. 


Improved system service life, minimised risks.

Cable Services Core Competence: Maintenance
Sound experience and expertise are necessary ingredients for high-quality cable maintenance. This must be carried out regularly to ensure reliable operation. At NKT, we offer a comprehensive set of maintenance procedures, including inspection, cleaning, checking of consumables, measuring, refilling, data collection and reporting.

Spare Parts Management

Faster repairs through secured storage and availability of spare parts.

Cable Services Core Competence: Spare Parts
Should a cable failure occur, it is important to have all the necessary spare parts readily available. NKT has a structured method to ensure that our customers' spare parts inventories are always updated. This is crucial in case of emergency, as the condition of some parts deteriorates over time. Our service team checks whether your stock is sufficient, focusing mainly on cables and cable accessories. Based upon this inventory, we can stock and replace the necessary parts for you.

Resources on Call

Answers to general queries and quick support in initiating first measures.

Cable Services Core Competence: Resources on Call
Time is of the essence in the event of a cable failure. Our resources on call service gives our service level agreement (SLA) customers the guarantee that the right resources will be available 24/7 to assist in the event of an accident. Because the price is fixed, you don’t have to worry about price negotiations during a cable failure. You are guaranteed telephone contact with one of our cable experts within 30 minutes of reporting a problem.

Fault Location

Reduces repair time.

Cable Services Core Competence: Fault Location
If necessary, a repair operation can be mobilised immediately after a call is received. NKT’s service vans are equipped with tested and calibrated equipment, enabling our skilled and experienced service engineers to make any necessary field measurements. Our service engineers use and combine different methods to search for and locate the section of cable where the fault has occurred.

Cable Jointing and Termination

Large pool of in-house construction supervisors and cable engineers.

Cable Services Core Competence: Cable Jointing and Termination
Cable jointing is a craft that takes many years to master, especially when it comes to working with paper-insulated cables. Our experts are sourced from our in-house installation department, which means that all of their time is devoted to jointing and termination work. We deliver complete jointing solutions that - apart from the expertise of our personnel - include all the equipment necessary for jointing.

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So that you are prepared for the unexpected or, preferably, never face a crisis in the first place: find out more about our modular-based service level agreement for high-voltage cable systems, tailored to meet your specific requirements.

NKT personel supervising high voltage cable onshore installation

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