Environmentally responsible solutions for the cable assets' end of life

NKT can offer you a seamless end-of-life journey for your cable assets. Our expert teams ensure safe and efficient removal, recycling, or replacement, adhering to the highest industry standards. Explore our decommissioning solutions for a reliable and sustainable approach to cable infrastructure management.


Following the mantra "reduce, reuse, recycle" - the core of our service activities is ensuring cables can remain in operation. However, by frequently performing maintenance and repair works on systems from the mid 20th century we have realized that, sooner or later a cable system is no longer needed or its prolonged maintenance is no longer feasible.
At this point, it is essential to ensure that once decomissioned, any compenents that required continuous supervison during opeartion are removed from the cable system and whatever remains does not pose an environmental risk. Tailoring our approach to different cable technologies, especially legacy oil- or gas-filled systems which have often been in operations for more than half a centrury and reach their end-of-life, we provide expert guidance throughout the process.
We not only prioritize safety but also emphasize resource recovery, recycling materials like copper and aluminum as well as handling the complexities of XLPE recycling.
Choose NKT for a decommissioning solution that combines safety, environmental responsibility, and resource efficiency.

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