Environmentally responsible solutions for the cable assets' end of life

NKT can offer you a seamless end-of-life journey for your cable assets. Our expert teams ensure safe and efficient removal, recycling, or replacement, adhering to the highest industry standards. Explore our decommissioning solutions for a reliable and sustainable approach to cable infrastructure management.

Oil and Gas Cable Competence Centre (OGCCC)

Safe and efficient management of the decommissioning of legacy cable systems, especially those containing potentially harmful materials, requires a wealth of expertise.
At NKT, built on decades of experience, we specialize in handling the unique challenges posed by legacy cable systems which are typically filled with gas or oil. From addressing the complexities of removing cables from pipes to extracting oil from cables where removal is not feasible, we have the knowledge and capabilities to ensure a safe and effective decommissioning process.
Legacy cables demand a tailored approach, and our team is ready to assist. If you encounter challenges with the decomisioning of obsolete oil- or gas-filled cables, contact us for specialized solutions.
NKT is your trusted partner in the responsible and careful decommissioning of legacy cable systems.

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Oil and Gas Cable Competence Centre (OGCCC)

For over a century, NKT has led in power cables. Our OGCCC preserves expertise in legacy cable technologies enabling their lasting performance. Trust NKT for comprehensive services.