Environmentally responsible solutions for the cable assets' end of life

NKT can offer you a seamless end-of-life journey for your cable assets. Our expert teams ensure safe and efficient removal, recycling, or replacement, adhering to the highest industry standards. Explore our decommissioning solutions for a reliable and sustainable approach to cable infrastructure management.

Cable Recycling

Helping stave off obsolecence and avoid the need for decomissionig as long as technically possible we help customers use their existing cables as much as possible. But for the assets that have reached their end of life stage, we have discovered a a sustainable approach to cable disposal. Our cable recycling services ensure responsible and environmentally friendly practices. From recovering valuable materials like copper and aluminum to handling the complexities of recycling various cable types, we prioritize efficiency and eco-conscious solutions.
Partner with NKT for a greener, resource-efficient future.

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In NKT, we are dedicated to power cable technology and our purpose is to connect you, us and society to a greener world by enabling sustainable energy transmission.