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Offshore Cable Service

Reducing downtimes and outage costs

Based on our almost 100 years of experience in cable repair, we have created a service level agreement that ensures appropriate availability of services and resources to our customers. Our latest offshore service is our guaranteed mobilisation time, whereby we can provide a fully mobilised vessel including cable carrier systems within approximately 10 days.
Irrespective of the cause of the disrupted power supply, in an emergency situation it is important, among other things, to keep the number of interfaces involved to a minimum. Thanks to our extensive expertise, you can access almost all services from a single source, thus avoiding the often tedious coordination with external parties like vessel operators, cable-laying companies and administrative authorities. This saves you valuable time.

Our complete offshore service portfolio at a glance

We provide you with all offshore services from a single source – from fault finding, through repair solutions, to spare parts management. Find the right service for your requirements and learn more about our offerings by clicking on one of the icons below.

Our services for your offshore project.
Our services for your offshore project.
Our services for your offshore project.
Our services for your offshore project.
Our services for your offshore project.
Our services for your offshore project.
HV Offshore Cable Project

Repair Preparedness

Skilled resources on standby shorten the reaction time and facilitate the fastest possible return to normal operation.

Cable Services Core Competence: Repair Preparedness
Is the cable located in deep or shallow water? Does it run close to or cross a pipeline? These and many other factors affect the choice of vessel, working method, procedures and required permits. For cable repair operations to be successful you need proper equipment, appropriate personnel as well as technical drawings and certificates. Our repair preparedness ensures that none of these components are missing to prevent delays during repair.

Marine Resource Plan

Quickly launching and completing repair activities.

Cable Services Core Competence: Marine Resource Plan
A marine resource plan contains all necessary marine information about your cable system needed for a marine repair operation, including recommended vessel solutions for possible repair scenarios. With the new NKT mobilisation guarantee, we can provide a completely mobilised repair vessel within 10 days.

Video: NKT Marine Resource Plan

Spare Parts Management

Faster repairs through secured storage and availability of spare parts.

Cable Services Core Competence: Spare Parts
In the event of a cable failure, you need the right spare parts as quickly as possible. We offer you to store and manage your submarine spares in the port of Eemshaven, where we also keep some of our offshore equipment. Alternatively, storage can be done at our factory in Karlskrona or at any other suitable site. We have developed a secure and cost-effective cable storage solution, allowing us to protect your spares’ integrity from the moment they are manufactured to the moment they are needed.

Resources on Call

Answers to general queries and quick support in initiating first measures.

Cable Services Core Competence: Resources on Call
NKT experts are always available in the event of cable problems. A fixed, pre-negotiated daily rate ensures that you don’t have to negotiate prices while you are dealing with downtimes and revenue losses. Instead of losing precious time, you are directly put through to our experts by telephone within 30 minutes of reporting the problem. After the fault has been reported, a fault analysis is performed specifically based on your problem. If required, mobilisation for repairs can begin immediately after the call.

Fault Location

Reduced repair time.

Cable Services Core Competence: Fault Location
Fault location must be accurate in order to minimise both downtimes and the amount of replacement cable used. It is a complex process – especially at sea. Many operations need to be synchronised, such as the availability of vessels, etc. On land, NKT’s service vans are fully equipped to enable field measurements. Our service engineers are specially trained experts, capable of quickly locating faulty cable sections. They are supported in this task by our technical department.

Cable Jointing and Termination

Large pool of in-house construction supervisors and cable engineers.

Cable Services Core Competence: Cable Jointing and Termination
Cable jointing requires sound experience, whether for extruded or mass-impregnated cables. NKT’s jointers handle both jointing and termination. We provide turnkey solutions with all necessary personnel, as well as specific equipment to handle your problem. Pre-tested and sea-certified, NKT’s equipment is guaranteed to be fully functional when loaded also onboard of a vessel.

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So that you are prepared for the unexpected or, preferably, never face a crisis in the first place: find out more about our modular service level agreement for high-voltage cable systems, tailored to meet your specific requirements. With guaranteed mobilisation time.

HV Offshore Cable Project

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