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Covid 19 CEO Letter to customers and partners

Open letter from CEO Alexander Kara

Dear customer and business partner,
During the past months, the Corona pandemic has affected us all. It has impacted our societies, our businesses and the way we live our lives. Now, we are to define a “new normal” where e.g. social distancing and hygiene measures set standards for the way we do business, interact and behave. On that background, I would like to share with you how we have handled the situation so far and how we move forward.
In the early stage of the Corona outbreak we implemented a wide range of precautionary measures, and so far they have proven effective. Our top priority has been and continues to be to protect our people. We have limited the number of confirmed coronavirus cases to a handful and we had the necessary procedures in place to handle them in an effective manner, and all are fully recovered.
Our second priority has been to ensure business continuity to service you. Our teams have worked tirelessly to address any potential bottle neck, and I believe we have managed well. As a result, we have seen very modest impact on our business, and we have upheld production at all our sites. I would like to also thank our suppliers and business partners for their support ensuring a stable supply chain.
Our third priority was and is to support the authorities in their efforts to contain the Coronavirus and to ensure that health care systems can cope with the situation. Our thoughts are with those who have been affected by the virus, and we are inspired by the health care workers who look after the rest of us.
We are now in a new stage of the Corona pandemic, where the situation in Europe overall seems stabilized while we continue to operate with many precautions. Surely, it is too early to let down the guards, while it is not too early to reflect on what we can learn from the situation. Some of our learnings include to further strengthen our supply chain, maintain digital working habits, and travel less. In addition, we stay focused and contribute our part to restore the economy. We welcome a cross-European political view to speed up investments in green transformation of society and see ourselves as a key partner of such change.
Finally, I would like to share two very important sustainability milestones for NKT. First, all our cable manufacturing sites now use 100% green electricity, which significantly reduces our carbon footprint and provides our customers with sustainably produced cables. Secondly, I am very proud that recently we were awarded our largest order ever for the Suedlink project in Germany, which is a key enabler for the green energy transformation in Germany.
I wish you a pleasant summer and hope that you and your families will stay healthy.
Best regards, 
Alexander Kara
President & CEO of NKT
This letter was published on LinkedIn 2 July 2020