Covid 19 CEO Letter to customers and partners

Open letter from CEO Alexander Kara

Dear partner and customer of NKT,

The world as we know it has changed dramatically over the past weeks and months as the corona pandemic has spread across the world. It is a time of challenge and we all need to take responsibility and collective actions to limit the spread and to allow our health care systems to provide the necessary care to those in need. The past weeks have also shown that the necessary measures taken, come with high consequences for society as we see industries and businesses struggle. 

In NKT, we take our responsibility seriously, and our main focus is to ensure the health and safety of our people, partners and customers. We are following the recommendations of the authorities in the countries where we operate to support the focus to stop the spread and minimize the pressure on the healthcare system. Furthermore, we have taken extensive preventive measures to avoid the spread of virus into our offices and facilities to safeguard our people and production to be able to continue to serve our customers. 

We are working hard to keep the wheels turning, and I am proud to see how the NKT organization comes together in this extraordinary situation. I see people taking extra shifts in the production, others who keep our supply chain stable and some are in close contact with our customers and partners to keep our activities ongoing. 

I want to assure all our customers that we are doing everything we can to support your business and honor our commitments during this challenging period. Our team is ready to support you with any issues that may occur. Furthermore, I want to thank our partners for your efforts during this extraordinary situation to find constructive solutions when faced with unforeseen circumstances. We appreciate your flexibility, dedication and close collaboration. 

I believe, it is urgent that we continue our collaboration across the industry to keep our respective businesses running to ensure the employment of our people and to help limit the financial impact we are seeing globally. 

Please, do not hesitate to contact us. 

Best regards,

Alexander Kara

President & CEO


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