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Supplementary privacy policy for “NKT Accessories Year End Calendar”

1. Subject of this supplementary data protection declaration

This supplementary data protection declaration contains for the NKT Accessories Year End Calendar, hereinafter only referred to as Year End Calendar, some additional information on our general data protection declaration. Our general data protection declaration applies to the use of the NKT website. You will find this under the link below:
Please review our general privacy policy first and only then the supplementary privacy policy for the Year End Calendar.

2. Responsible body / service provider

For details please refer to the imprint of our website. Please click on the following link to view the imprint:

3. Participation in Year End Calendar competitions

If you want to participate in one or more Year End Calendar competitions, we need the following personal data from you: - E-mail address This email address is only needed to inform the winner about the prize.

4. Participant data / Publication

The winners will not be published. The participant data will be deleted immediately after the prizes have been distributed.

5. Place of data storage

As a matter of principle, all data mentioned in this data protection declaration is stored and processed in our own databases or in the databases of companies that process commissioned data for us as service providers.

6. Deletion of data

Unless there is an obligation to comply with statutory retention periods (see above), all personal data stored in connection with the Year End Calendar will be deleted by us after the Year End Calendar has ended, the winners have been notified and the prizes have been handed over.