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NKT’s AX PRO is the world’s first ground wire in corrosion protected aluminum

May 8, 2023

For decades, copper ground wires have been the standard for ground wire installations in distribution networks as pure aluminum wires are more susceptible to corrosion. NKT is ready to offer a corrosion protected aluminum alternative.

Product illustration of AX Pro
Installation personal laying AX-PRO medium voltage cable in the ground
After 10 years of development, including several pilot installations and patent work, NKT is ready to introduce AX PRO. AX PRO is an aluminium ground wire with an attractive total cost of ownership and superior corrosion protection properties while securing high reliability and performance.
AX PRO consists of seven individually coated alu­minum wires. All wires are cabled to one coherent product with no additional material to keep the product together. If the wires spread apart, it’s only an advantage as the contact surface to the ground increases, making the electrical connection to ground even better.
In addition, you get a ground wire in aluminium with significantly better total cost of ownership than its copper equivalent.
AX PRO is corrosion protected using a unique polyolefin. The polyolefin is highly conductive and mechanically strong. By avoiding bare aluminum in ground in combination with electric current, you will avoid corrosion and interruption of the current path. Furthermore, AX PRO is the only earth system offering status diagnose possibility to predict the lifetime.
AX PRO is very light per meter in comparison with a copper equivalent. This enables longer delivery lengths at the same weight as the corresponding copper wire. The low weight per meter as well as polyolefin on the metal results in lower scrap value compared to a traditional copper solution, which makes this product less attractive to thieves.
The concept of corrosion protected aluminium is more environmentally friendly, cost-effective and has the same electrical performance as copper ground wires.
Designed for multiple environments
The corrosion protective polyolefin is very mechanically durable and has very good electrical conductivity. The ground wire can be installed in concrete, earth, air and water. Unlike copper, the product is also suitable for installation in acidic environments.
If you want to know more about how AX PRO could benefit your project where a ground wire is needed, please get in touch with: Senior Product Engineer Thomas Carlqvist.
Ready to install?
AX PRO can be installed by ploughing and Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) under roads and excavation. The product is tested for all listed installation methods.
Quick Facts about AX PRO
  • Corrosion protected aluminium strands
  • Ground system intact – no theft of ground wire
  • Station ground concept better than copper solution
  • Diagnosis possible – lifetime monitoring measurements
  • Thoroughly tested in pilot installations and at the laboratories in Sweden
  • Available in copper equivalents 25, 35, 50 and 70 mm2
Ingvar Hagman
Head of MV Design