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On request of the leading wind power development company Ørsted, NKT was part of the Burbo Bank offshore wind farm extension project. The original Burbo Bank offshore wind farm is situated on the Burbo Flats in Liverpool Bay in the UK and receives the full force of the wind from the Irish Sea in the west, making it an ideal location for offshore wind power generation. 

The extension project consists of 32 additional wind turbines, covers an area of 40 square kilometers and has an estimated generating capacity of up to 258 MW (megawatts), which is enough electricity to meet the needs of approximately 230,000 households. 

The scope of the project included design, engineering, supply and commissioning of the 24 km long 220 kV (kilovolt) AC (alternating current) submarine cable and the related offshore substation cable. On land, it comprised of 30 km of AC underground cables and the associated substation cables as well as the cable joints, accessories and terminations related to the project. 

High-voltage XLPE AC cable system, including 24 km of submarine and 30 km of underground cable including 48 SM fiber optic cables along the entire route

34 km

220 kV AC cable system with a 258 MW power rating

2014 - 2016


Liverpool Bay, UK



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