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Medium Voltage Joints

Safe, reliable and easy to install

Whether you’re expanding your energy network or repairing your existing grid, the cable joints you use are vitally important. As critical electrical network links, they must be functional across varying conditions, mechanically robust and capable of protecting your system from moisture ingress throughout its operational life.
Pre-fabricated joint bodies – a key feature of our cold-shrink cable joints – ensure that joints are of superior quality. In addition, our power cable joints are suitable for a wide range of cable cross section  and  links and bodies are interchangeable throughout the various medium voltage levels.
Joint installation MVACC

A wide variety of cable joints for your requirements

Given our wide variety of medium voltage cable joints, you can be confident that we have the right one for your project. Browse our range to find out more.

The Benefits of Medium Voltage Cable Joints from NKT

  • Quick, easy and safe to install thanks to patented easy-to-remove helical support
  • Save costs on storage because each joint is suitable for a range of cross sections
  • Restore your network quickly after downtime
  • Pre-fabricated joint body with integrated geometrical stress control
  • Independent of system frequency and therefore not susceptible to high-frequency voltages (harmonics)
  • No special tools needed for installation
  • No open flame required during installation
Joint installation MVACC

The Perfect Combination

All the elements in our cable joints are crafted for high performance and combine to ensure a superior joint. The silicone sleeve protects the joint from water, is electrically insulating and distributes pressure evenly and constantly, ensuring a long service life. The patented helical support tube makes the joints a dream to handle as well as ensuring a consistent finished product. Combine this with an outer jacket, you have a robust cable joint that can stand the test of time.

Watch the video and learn more about our cold-shrink joints

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