Oil and Gas Cable Competence Centre

Our expertise in working on oil and gas filled cables

For over 130 years, NKT has played a pivotal role in the evolution of insulated power cables, from oil and gas filled cables to the now dominating XLPE cables. While nearly all new cables make use of extruded insulation systems, the legacy paper-lapped oil and gas-filled cables still form a vital part of power grids globally, requiring specific technical expertise. 
Recognizing the diminishing resources and know-how in the industry for these cables, NKT has established the Oil & Gas Cable Competence Centre (OGCCC). This center ensures the preservation and transfer of knowledge ranging from accessories and engineering of such systems to educating a dedicated pool of jointers in oil and gas-insulated cables. 
At NKT we see ourselves as a full-service-provider. Our work does not stop after a cable system has been installed. We also take care of maintenance and repairs so that cable systems are up and running for decades. In case your cable(s) exhibit damage, leakage or electrical breakdown, we will do our utmost to return your system to operation with no delay. Should your legacy cable systems reach the inevitable end-of-life we can also take care of their decommissioning.

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Turnkey Projects

Benefit from our Turnkey Projects supported by dedicated expert teams across our locations. Building on NKT's vast experience, we are able to offer full turn-key projects for your legacy cable systems. Whether you are re-routing a cable or need to connect your legacy system to new infrastructure we can support you. Our engineering experts can develop the ideal technical solution for your needs from selecting the accessories needed to the installation of new cable.
Our unique portfolio of joints and terminations allows to combine legacy systems with new extruded cables by using transition joints. Augmented by cable technicians with comprehensive expertise in jointing oil-filled (LPOF and APBF) as well as gas-pressure cables and project managers experienced in executing legacy cable projects we are able to solve even the most complex challenges.
Our commitment to knowledge preservation is evident through the Oil and Gas Cable Competence Centre (OGCCC), ensuring highly skilled resources and the transfer of legacy cable know-how to new jointer generations. Trust us for top-notch workmanship and seamless project execution.

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Operation & Maintenance

Rely on NKT for expert cable operation and maintenance, ensuring peak performance. Our technicians, proactive repair plans, and flexible agreements minimize downtime for robust network longevity.